Dedrick Epps, TE, Miami

Scouting reports of tight ends in the 2010 draft.
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Dedrick Epps, TE, Miami

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:01 pm

Miami Senior

PROS: Has decent speed and gets a nice release as an intermediate threat. Can be fiesty and show good effort as a blocker. Has ability to get position.
CONS: Doesn't have the speed to get vertical. Doesn't have good hands or concentration, and bobbles and double catches too many balls. Doesn't show ability to adjust to ball in the air. Needs to play with better pop off the snap and gets pushed back into the backfield too often. Will whiff on some blocks because he doesn't use his hands well and consistently lock on.
OVERVIEW: He is athletic, but is nothing special as a receiver or blocker. He worked both as an inline tight end and H-back during his days at Miami. A two-year starter that combined for 41 passes for 551 yards and 5 scores the past two years.
NFL FORECAST: Epps projects as a No. 3 guy at the next level. His best chance of sticking on an NFL roster is his blocking ability. He gives good effort, but his lack of good size, strength, and poor hand technique limits just how effective he is and can be down the road. He might be able to eventually develop into a decent No. 2 blocker down the road, but he'll be average. At best, you're looking at another John Owens. But Owens is a journeyman that could never really stick anywhere, and that's going to be the issue with Epps. But at least Owens has managed to play eight seasons in the league, so Epps can still have a nice NFL career, if not in one place. He's good enough to make an NFL roster, but I think his contributions will come more on special teams than offense.
ATL FORECAST: Epps could push for time in Atlanta as a No. 3 guy, but doesn't offer the blocking upside over Zinger. And he isn't a good enough receiver to think he'll be effective there. He is good enough to make the Falcons practice squad, but probably not good enough to stick long-term. Unless he turns into a stud special teams player, he doesn't offer the long-term upside to keep beyond a year or so.
VALUE: Epps isn't really worth a draft pick because he is a career backup that isn't a good enough blocker or receiver to think he can be a regular contributor anytime soon.
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