Riar Greer, TE, Colorado

Scouting reports of tight ends in the 2010 draft.
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Riar Greer, TE, Colorado

Postby Pudge » Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:08 am

Riar Greer
Colorado Senior

PROS: He has nice hands and tracks the ball well. He has good body control and can make the catch going to the ground. He does a nice job in traffic, able to shield away the defender from the ball. Flashes potential as a route-runner. At his best blocking when he's on the move, working at H-back.
CONS: Lacks the speed and burst to get separation and won't be a factor after the catch. Has inconsistent pop off the snap and lacks strength. Doesn't get good position as a blocker and can't seal the edge. Misses too many assignments.
OVERVIEW: Had his best season as a senior with 36 catches. He's an undersized tight end that worked both as an inline and H-back, but projects better in the latter role in the NFL.
NFL FORECAST: Greer isn't going to excel in the NFL. He can contribute to a team off the bench, but lacks a starter's upside. He'll have to improve significantly as a blocker if he wants to have a chance as a No. 2 option, which is predominantly used as a blocking position. He's a good receiver, but lacks the speed and burst to be a top receiver. He's the type of player that if he was a starter, could give a team 20-30 catches in a year, but not much more. And he'll probably never be a reliable enough blocker to be more than a so-so role player. For a team that is looking for an H-back to work out of the backfield as an outlet receiver, he could be decent. More than likely, his special teams ability will be his biggest contribution to a team.
ATL FORECAST: Greer wouldn't really impact in Atlanta unless he became an ace special teams player. He isn't a good enough blocker to jump players like Peelle or Zinger on the depth chart. And he really isn't any better a receiving option than Peelle. And unless he was able to develop some strong lead blocking capabilities as a fullback, he wouldn't be anything more than average there.
VALUE: For a team looking for a developmental H-back and that can provide some depth, he could make a decent 6th or 7th round pick.
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