Richard Dickson, TE, LSU

Scouting reports of tight ends in the 2010 draft.
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Richard Dickson, TE, LSU

Postby Pudge » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:33 pm

LSU Senior
40: 4.85 (Campus)

PROS: Has nice hands and shows decent body control, able to extend for the pass. Works well out of the slot and shows ability to make the intermediate catch over the middle. Runs hard after the catch. Shows decent pop for a blocker his size when he works inline, and is able to get position. Does a nice job blocking out in space.
CONS: Lacks speed to really be a factor down the field. Will drop some easy passes from time to time. Despite his hard running, he's not going to be a significant factor after the catch due to a lack of quickness and burst. Needs to get bigger and stronger as a blocker and won't push anyone off the ball. Will whiff on some blocks on the edge.
OVERVIEW: He has the makings of being a nice H-back for an NFL team. He's a competent receiver, but not to any degree where you think NFL teams will really take advantage of his skills. His production slipped as a senior due to him battling injuries throughout the year. Missed to games due to a sprained knee, although had a concussion early in the year, and had surgery on his hand and knee prior to the season. Finished with 21 catches for 157 yards (7.5 avg) and no touchdowns. Previous two years combined for 63 catches for 699 yards (11.1 avg) and 10 scores.
NFL FORECAST: Dickson has a chance to compete as an H-back for some team. While he's not a bad inline blocker, he's not good enough to be trusted there. And even if he does bulk up, he's probably never going to be more than just average there. As a receiver, he's a capable outlet option for a team over the middle, but won't be a featured part of an offense. You're talking 20-30 catches at most in a season. For teams that like to use a lot of two-tight end sets with one serving as an H-back in the slot or behind the line of scrimmage, he can be that player. More than likley, he'll spend his career as a backup, although with a few years under his belt he could make a decent stopgap starter for a team. Think of him as a player like Justin Peelle, just not as good a blocker. And that type of player has a hard time fitting with every team.
ATL FORECAST: Dickson isn't a great fit in Atlanta, since the role he would play is more in line with what Gonzalez plays rather than Peelle. And since he's not going to be a playmaker in the passing game, he isn't a good fit to groom behind Gonzalez. He could push for time against his former teammate Zinger for the No. 3 job but unless the Falcons add a starting tight end that is more an inline blocker, he doesn't offer much value to the team.
VALUE: For a team looking for a competent H-back, he is worth a sixth or seventh round pick.
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