Verran Tucker, WR, California

Scouting reports of wide receivers in the 2010 draft.
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Verran Tucker, WR, California

Postby Pudge » Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:31 am

California Senior
40: 4.65 (Campus)

PROS: Has nice hands and shows ability to adjust to the throw. Can track the deep ball fairly well. Is able to get position when he runs a slant. Shows some willingness to block downfield.
CONS: Doesn't get a great release and lacks the speed to really challenge down the field. Has a thin build and not great in traffic. Drops some passes from time to time and needs to improve his concentration. Not going to give you much after the catch.
OVERVIEW: Was a complementary option at Cal that didn't have great production, as their offense tended to spread the ball around a lot to different players. But managed to start 13 games the past two years after being a JUCO, combining for 50 catches and 4 scores.
NFL FORECAST: Tucker doesn't have great upside to really be a factor in the pros, but is good enough to stick. He isn't the fastest, biggest, or more sure-handed guy, but he shows enough toughness and ability to think if he can impact on special teams he can stick on a roster. That will be his most likely route. He just doesn't have the big play potential or consistency to be anything more than a fourth option for a team as a receiver. If he shows he's willing to compete on special teams, then I think he has a chance of making an NFL roster right off the bat. Down the road he could show enough improvement that he could be a guy that can give you 15-20 catches off the bench.
ATL FORECAST: Tucker could push for time in Atlanta because the Falcons don't yet have any strong options for the fifth receiver spot. He might be able to land that job, but only if he proves himself to be a strong special teams performer. I don't think there's a high probability of that happening, but he could at least be in the running for a practice squad position. He doesn't have great upside to develop down the road and unless he was an ace special teams player, then within two years or so would probably be surpassed by a better offensive player.
VALUE: He's not worth a draft pick, but some team should bring him to camp for a look-see.
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