David Reed, WR, Utah

Scouting reports of wide receivers in the 2010 draft.
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David Reed, WR, Utah

Postby Pudge » Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:39 pm

Utah Senior
40: 4.56

PROS: Has good straight-line speed. Has nice hands. Does a nice job securing the catch and making a quick move upfield to make the first guy miss. Capable after the catch and does a nice job getting as many yards as possible. Doesn't shy away from contact and is a tough runner. Has good burst and flashes potential as a route-runner. Gives effort as a blocker. Cuts off his routes for a scrambling quarterback and finds soft spots in the zone.
CONS: Not going to give you much as a blocker and misses some assignments out on the edge. Is not going to be a vertical option at the next level, and not sure he can beat the jam.
OVERVIEW: He blossomed this past year as the top option in the passing game, catching 81 passes for 1188 yards (14.7 avg) and 5 scores. Contributed 25 catches last year but still had 6 touchdowns off the bench. Also has experience on kickoff returns, averaging 25.4 yards on 25 returns as a junior. Is a JUCO transfer.
NFL FORECAST: I like Reed as a slot receiver. There aren't really any flaws to his game. He's not the biggest or fastest, but I think does a lot of the little things that quarterbacks and offensvie coordinators will enjoy, which will allow him to impact on the next level. I'm reminded of Wes Welker, even though Reed is much bigger. But what he does after the catch makes me like him. He's not the most explosive runner, but manages to make the most out of a little just like Welker does. I'm not sure he's got the size and ability that you would like as a true No. 2 receiver on the outside. He could probably do that in time, but he's not as physical or as good a blocker as I'd like there. Instead, I think put him an offense where he's the No. 3 guy, but gets a lot of reps like in New England or Indianapolis, and he'll be a very productive player. I wouldn't predict him to be as good as Welker, but I think he can add a lot of the similar value that Welker does in a passing game, causing matchup problems for teams in the slot.
ATL FORECAST: I believe he can be an upgrade as a slot receiver over Douglas. I'm not sure he's a better option than Douglas was a year ago, but who knows how good a player Douglas will be now that he's coming off a torn ACL. And if Douglas doesn't hit the ground running, then that will give Reed a chance to surpass him in the next year or two. I think he and Ryan would work well together. Not sure he's as big or physical as the Falcons want on the outside as a potential challenger to Jenkins. He's not the same as Jenkins, but coudl bea nice complement to Roddy that helps move the chains. But I'm not sure he'd really give Jenkins a run for his money unless he significantly improved his blocking. But I think he could make an excellent third option for the Falcons if given the opportunity.
VALUE: Reed is a nice middle round pick, that I wouldn't have a problem if a team took him late in the third round.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

SPEED: 3.0
HANDS: 3.5
RANGE: 3.0
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