Carlos Singleton, WR, Memphis

Scouting reports of wide receivers in the 2010 draft.
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Carlos Singleton, WR, Memphis

Postby Pudge » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:03 pm

Carlos Singleton
Memphis Senior

PROS: Has excellent size and good hands. Attacks the ball in the air, and shows good body control on the jump balls. Times his jumps well and shows ability to shield defender. Works best on short throws.
CONS: Lacks speed and burst. Not as physical as his size should merit. Not going to get much separation. Not a factor after the catch because he lacks speed and burst.
OVERVIEW: He's got a thin build, and with his size and hands will be able to compete on the next level. But lacks the burst and quickness to really be a guy that can get open consistently.
NFL FORECAST: Singleton will be able to compete in the NFL because teams will love his potential in the redzone. And he'll be able to shine in preseason games because he'll be facing a lot of smaller corners. But against real NFL cornerbacks, he's not going to be a big factor. He's only really effective on short curls because he's not able to get separation on most normal routes. He'll be given opportunities, because coaches will want to take advantage of his gifts and ability to create mismatches. But he'll nver be a consistent enough threat to be an every-down receiver. His best chance of sticking for more than a few summers is if he can impact on special teams. If he shows ability there then he can play for more than three or so summers. At this point, he's basically a Kassim Osgood-type. His size makes him intriguing, but he's too limited offensively to be considered a building block.
ATL FORECAST: Singleton could add some depth if he could show ability on special teams. He would be intriguing, but would find it difficult to rise up the depth chart beyond the fourth receiver spot. As a special teams player, and if he can improve his blocking, he'd have a chance to be a part-time player, particularly in the redzone. But he wouldn't be a factor in the passing game, just a guy that looks good every summer when working against 3rd string 5-9 corners.
VALUE: Singleton probably isn't worth a draft pick, but wouldn't be a reach if he was drafted late in the seventh round for a team looking for depth.
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