Bryan Anderson, WR, Central Michigan

Scouting reports of wide receivers in the 2010 draft.
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Bryan Anderson, WR, Central Michigan

Postby Pudge » Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:54 pm

Central Michigan Senior

PROS: He has good size, using it well in traffic and knowing how to shield defender. Has nice hands and does a good job securing the ball after the catch. Shows potential as a route-runner. Does a nice job blocking downfield.
CONS: Lacks speed and burst to get separation. He's not a factor after the catch. He doesn't get a good release off the line as well. He'll drop some passes from time to time. He needs to do a better job attacking the ball in the air. Not that effective on the deep routes because of it.
OVERVIEW: You like his size, but he doesn't play as big or physical as he looks on paper. He does a good job on the quick slants, curls, and outs that he can use his body to get position.
NFL FORECAST: Despite his size, he's going to have some trouble competing at the next level. He's a finesse player that isn't going to separate from smaller defensive backs. And if he was better at attacking the ball in the air, that wouldn't be as big an obstacle. But he's not great there. But where Anderson can have an edge over some other receivers as he enters the league is his route-running. That coupled with any ability he may show on special teams coverage will allow him to make almost any NFL roster right off the bat. The key will be that special teams coverage ability. It would be easy to compare Anderson to Brian Finneran, but Finneran was a more physical receiver and did a better job attacking the ball when he came out of Villanova. Comparatively, Anderson is just a guy. He could stick as a fourth or fifth option for a team, but his true value will be on special teams, not what he can give on offense.
ATL FORECAST: If the Falcons choose not to keep Finneran, Anderson could be a decent replacement in the sense that he could help out on special teams coverage and at least give the quarterbacks a similar target as Finneran. But he won't be as good a player as Finneran was, and unless he's an ace on special teams, he'll have a hard time sticking on the roster beyond a year or two. Just eventually, better receivers will be added that have better upside offensively.
VALUE: If a team is looking for a fifth receiver to compete on special teams, maybe Anderson would merit a seventh round pick. But otherwise, teams should probably wait until the undrafted market before they target him.
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