Cory Jackson, FB, Maryland

Scouting reports of running backs and fullbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Cory Jackson, FB, Maryland

Postby Pudge » Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:14 am

Maryland Senior

PROS: A capable lead blocker that does a nice job squaring up his guys. Also is capable of cutting defender. Does a nice job blocking downfield. Has decent hands and capable as a checkdown option. Is a physical runner that runs low to the ground with nice power. Can be effective working in an H-back role.
CONS: He'll miss some assignments at times, particularly when blocking on the edge. Doesn't have great pop or power as a lead blocker, unable to put guys on their butts. Limited use in the passing game, and lacks speed and burst as a runner.
OVERVIEW: Jackson is a guy that is an effective lead blocker, but isn't very powerful, nor does he give you a ton of other options offensively. Had 17 crries for his career and 29 receptions. Career high 8 carries this past year and 12 receptions as a junior.
NFL FORECAST: He's a guy that will stick in the league based off his ability to play specail teams. In time, I believe he can be a nice lead blocker, but he's not a smashmouth guy. And is the type of guy that is like a Heath Evans in that he is technically the starter, but is only a situational or part-time player. And his inability to contribute much as a runner or receiver will hurt his chances, so he'll have to stick long-term because he brings it on special teams. If he does that, I think he can have a nice productive NFL career. But he'll never be a guy that teams go out of their way to sign or keep, and I suspect like Evans or a guy like Marc Edwards after his rookie contract will develop into a journeyman.
ATL FORECAST: Jackson doesn't bring much in Atlanta since he doesn't really offer any upside as a blocker than Snelling does, nor does he down the road. Unless he impressed the Falcons brass with his special teams ability, then he'd be hard-pressed to make the roster even as a backup to Snelling down the road. Snelling is just too versatile, and the Falcons can find more versatile or powerful options than Jackson to be a backup or starter in the future.
VALUE: For a team looking for a developmental fullback, then he might make a decent seventh round pick. But in truth, you're probably better off not drafting him and just bringing him to camp to compete.
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