Daryll Clark, QB, Penn State

Scouting reports of quarterbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Daryll Clark, QB, Penn State

Postby Pudge » Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:16 am

Penn State Senior
40: 4.72

PROS: Has a good arm and gets good zip on his throws. Shows some accuracy, able to lead receivers at times. Generally makes good decisions with the ball Has a quick release. Shows good mobility and can throw on the run. Is a strong runner that runs well downhill and will show some pop on the second level to an unsuspecting linebacker. Shows good speed and shiftiness to make guys miss in the open field as well. Because of his strength, he can be hard to sack, able to shrug off a pass rusher if they don't break down properly.
CONS: Lacks anticipation and is late on too many throws. Accuracy and touch can be inconsistent. Will stare down receivers, waiting for them to get open. Usually goes to his first read and doesn't go through his progressions quickly or effectively much of the time. Will force some throws into coverage.
OVERVIEW: Clark has the physical tools to compete at the next level, just lacks the accuracy and anticipation to think he will ever become a reliable, consistent passer. A two-year starter that compiled a 22-4 record. Didn't show a ton of improvement from his junior year to his senior year, putting up similar production in both. Combined for 60.4% completions, 5595 yards, and 43:16 TD-INT ratio in those years. Also rushed for 22 touchdowns in his career.
NFL FORECAST: Clark is a smart guy that shows some leadership ability, but he's probably destined for just a reserve role in the NFL. He just doesn't have great upside to develop. If he were to sit and learn a single offense for two or three years, he might be a competent No. 2, but he's not a guy that teams will really want playing extended periods of time, because of his limitations as a passer. The player I would compare him to is Tony Banks. Banks struggled during his early career as a starter in St. Louis, but once he landed in Baltimore and Houston, he was a competent reserve guy. I think down the road, Clark could be the same type of player that for a game or two could be a competent starter. But that all depends on him going somewhere, impressing coaches with his physical tools and toughness and sticking as the No. 3. That's easier said than done as teams could easily find players that have much more upside as passers than him. He's the type of player that will have a hard time sticking right off the bat, and might have to go through a year or two on practice squads with several teams before he can find the place to finally stick.
ATL FORECAST: Clark is good enough to come in and push guys like Wilson and Shockley for the No. 3 job. And while he could probably give Shockley a run for his money, I don't think he would beat out Wilson for a job. Really all he is a bigger, stronger version of Shockley that is only good enough to compete for a practice squad spot in Atlanta.
VALUE: Clark isn't worth a draft pick, but should get a camp invite.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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