Bill Stull, QB, Pittsburgh

Scouting reports of quarterbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Bill Stull, QB, Pittsburgh

Postby Pudge » Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:41 pm

Pittsburgh Senior
40: 4.92 (Campus)

PROS: Has a good arm that flashes good ability on the vertical routes. Usually makes good decisions with the ball, and knows when to give up on a play. Shows some mobility and able to pick up yardage when the pass breaks down. Can make the throw on the run when working on the bootleg. Shows toughness. Shows some accuracy and touch when working on the crossing routes over the middle.
CONS: Needs to improve his accuracy. Too often throws behind receivers on the crossing routes. Needs to improve his timing and anticipation as he's late on too many throws. Underthrows too many deep passes and needs to show better touch and placement throwing to the back shoulder down the field. Doesn't have the quickest release. Needs to do a better job consistently setting his feet and will fade away on some throws. Will force some passes into coverage. Doesn't always show great mobility to buy himself time in the pocket. Needs to show better pocket awareness and keep his eyes downfield when moving around.
OVERVIEW: Stull has the tools to be an NFL quarterback, but just needs to show more consistency, particularly with his touch and accuracy. He showed improvement as the season wore on and from his junior to senior year. Finished career with 26 starts, 61.4% completions, and 32:18 TD-INT ratio. Senior year, completed 65.1% of his passes and had a 21:8 TD-INT ratio.
NFL FORECAST: Stull can compete at the next level, but doesn't possess the ideal intangibles to think he can be anything more than a No. 2 guy. I think if he goes to a team, sits a couple of years, down the road he can make a solid backup that can be an effective game manager, but he doesn't have starting potential. The best you can hope for is a career similar to Shaun Hill. He's just too inconsistent with his accuracy to make me think he can truly be able to successfully lead an NFL offense. He'll make some nice throws every now and then, and he's smart enough to be able to handle an NFL offense. He has a chance to stick right away coming from the pro-style offense at Pitt, and I think has a good shot at winning a No. 3 job for a team that has a wide open competition. And if he can stick for two or three years in the same offense, he can start to move up the depth chart. But he won't be a top backup, just a serviceable guy at best.
ATL FORECAST: Stull could push for the No. 3 job. He's good enough to give Wilson and Shockley a challenge right away. Down the road he could eventually develop into the backup behind Ryan, but he wouldn't be great in that role, and wouldn't be the ideal choice as the first option in the event of a Ryan injury. I don't think he's a better prospect than Wilson, but he's probably good enough to land a practice squad position and at least challenge him.
VALUE: For a team that is willing to be patient with their No. 3 guy, he might sneak into the seventh round. But otherwise, he should be undrafted.

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