Thaddeus Lewis, QB, Duke

Scouting reports of quarterbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Thaddeus Lewis, QB, Duke

Postby Pudge » Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:49 am

Duke Senior

PROS: Is an athletic guy with a good, strong arm. Shows good zip on his throws and can thread the needle at times. Has nice touch on many of his throws downfield. Good runner that can build up some momentum and run over guys at the second level. Shows some ability to sidestep the rush, and keeps his eyes downfield. Can check down after the first read. Shows a good ball fake on the play action pass.
CONS: Has erratic accuracy. Doesn't see the field well and runs a "check with me" offense. He will stare down receivers and waits for them to get open. Needs to do a better job going through his progressions and being more decisive with the ball. Forces too many passes and has a tendency to gamble. Needs to improve his footwork in the pocket, as he tends to hop instead of slide to avoid the rush. Will throw off his back foot. Ball security might be an issue.
OVERVIEW: Lewis a guy that looks a lot like a poor man's Donovan McNabb at times on the field. The first game I saw him in this year, he played very poorly and looked like he had no chance as an NFL quarterback. In the second game, he actually played fairly well and looked like he could have a future as a No. 2. Not sure, which is the true Lewis, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it's the latter.
NFL FORECAST: On his first performance, I thought Lewis would have to move to safety because he's not quick enough to play receiver or running back on offense. And that's a death knell for quarterbacks. But his second performance warmed me up and based off that, I think he can be a No. 2 in the mold of an Anthony Wright. Wright came into the league as a mobile passer that wasn't comfortable working in the pocket, but over the years became a better and more polished player. He was never good enough to really stick anywhere, but there were times where he played and was an effective starter. Lewis has that sort of ability. But it's going to be a big transition for him. Besides his arm strength and athleticism, there isn't a lot he brings to the table. And he's raw and will have to be buried on a depth chart for a few years before he has a chance. But he's one of those players that becomes the pet project of some NFL coach and manages to stick as a No. 3 for a number of years. He's the type of guy that will be able to make plays with his physical gifts, but will also make just as many mistakes if not more because of his lack of polish.
ATL FORECAST: Lewis and Shockley are pretty much identical players when you compare where Lewis is now, and where Shockley was four years ago. And if the Falcons were looking for a new pet project to replace Shockley, then Lewis would be a good choice. But they bring the same things to the table, so there isn't room on the roster or practice squad for both. I don't think Lewis would unseat Shockley in a fair battle, but if the team was ready to move on and keep another athletic, strong-armed passer on the practice squad for a season or two, then Lewis could stick in Atlanta for a few summers at least. Whether we'd still be talking about him four years down the road like Shockley probably isn't that likely.
VALUE: Lewis is worth a look in camp, but nobody should draft him.

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