Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern

Scouting reports of quarterbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern

Postby Pudge » Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:49 am

Northwestern Senior

PROS: A smart and tough quarterback that has good mobility. He can make plays with his legs when the pass breaks down and can extend the play outside the pocket. He runs hard in the open field and even can make some defenders miss. Despite working almost exclusively out of the shotgun, he flashes potential to slide in the pocket and avoid the rush. Shows some touch on his deeper throws allowing his receivers to run under it.
CONS: Lacks arm strength and doesn't have good zip when asked to throw to the sideline. Will underthrow receivers. Doesn't have great accuracy and can be behind on some throws. Not that comfortable working from the pocket. Will force some passes and needs to make better decisions when he's outside the pocket.
OVERVIEW: Kafka is a good college passer that works well in Northwestern's dink and dunk spread attack. But he'll have some difficulty transitioning to the NFL because of his lacking arm strength.
NFL FORECAST: Kafka is just like the guy he replaced at Northwestern, Brett Basanez. Like Basanez, he's good enough to stick as a No. 3, but lacks the upside to really be much more than that. If he can stick on a team and in one system for a number of years, he might have a chance to make a competent No. 2 quarterback. He'll never be a big-armed guy, but he can be a serviceable player if he masters a system and develop into a Kelly Holcomb-type backup. Playing in a West Coast system will certainly help his chances. He's the type of guy that teams bring to camp as an extra arm, and impresses coaches with his smarts and toughness and finds a way to stick around. He's probably a better fit for the CFL than the pros, but he has a chance to stick for a few summers at the least.
ATL FORECAST: Kafka would essentially be an extra arm in camp. But like I said, he could be a surprise guy like Basanez was in Carolina in his first year. But he won't win a roster spot here, but instead might be good enough to keep on the practice squad. He doesn't offer anymore upside than Wilson or Shockley, so he's unlikely to unseat either down the road. But the Falcons could keep him for a year or two as they develop either of those two as the No. 2 guy, and Kafka could be an option as the third guy.
VALUE: His subpar arm strength keeps him from being worth a draft pick, but definitely worth a look in somebody's camp.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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