Levi Brown, QB, Troy

Scouting reports of quarterbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Levi Brown, QB, Troy

Postby Pudge » Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:55 pm

Levi Brown
Troy Senior

PROS: He has good size and a good arm. Has a quick, short-armed release, but the ball comes out with good zip and he's capable of making all of the throws. Usually makes good decisions with the ball, stands tall in the pocket, and knows how to check down. He'll go through some progressions. Has good accuracy and touch, shows anticipation, and throws open receivers.
CONS: Doesn't show great pocket awareness as he works out of the shotgun almost every snap. Needs to improve his footwork in the pocket and is stiff-footed there. Has trouble feeling pressure and holds onto the ball too long. Lacks mobility and is not a threat to run and extend play outside the pocket.
OVERVIEW: He has the tools to succeed at the next level, just needs to transition from the shotgun spread to a dropback passer.
NFL FORECAST: I think Brown can succeed at the next level. I'm not sure he has the great upside to be a starter, but I think he can definitely develop as a backup and down the road if he can get comfortable in a system, he might make a nice stopgap starter. He doesn't seem to possess ideal intangibles, but he's a smart, cool, calm, and collected individual on the field. The transition to the pro game will take some time because his pocket awareness is poor and he's not very mobile. He's going to have to be protected at the next level. And if he is, he can succeed in an offense. I think if he can sit for a few years as a No. 3, he can work his way up the depth chart and be a nice backup.
ATL FORECAST: Brown could develop here in Atlanta. He's probably not going to beat out Wilson or Shockley right away, but if he can land on the practice squad, he has a chance to challenge them in 2011. He would be good competition for either player to be the future No. 2 down the road.
VALUE: Brown is worth a late round pick, and wouldn't be a reach in the fifth round.
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