Isaiah "Juice" Williams, QB, Illinois

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Isaiah "Juice" Williams, QB, Illinois

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:33 pm

QB Isaiah "Juice" Williams
Illinois Senior

Pros: An excellent athlete that is a good runner in space and shows vision there. Has a rocket arm, able to throw some lazers and passes 40 yards downfield on a frozen rope. Is a strong runner and will shed linebackers and power through smaller defenders.
Cons: Has poor accuracy and touch. Has trouble hitting open receivers even when he has all day to throw. Lacks anticipation and stares down receivers. Forces too many throws. Doesn't go through his progressions and too quick to tuck and run. Has poor pocket awareness, working exclusively out of the shotgun. Has a short-armed release, which doesn't affect his arm strength, but might be impacting his accuracy.
Overview: Williams is a player that has improved very little over his time at Illinois. He's too inconsistent as a passer, hitting a perfect strike one play and then missing another throw by 10 yards on the very next. All of this combined indicates that he just doesn't have the intangibles to expect he will show any improvement at the next level.
NFL Forecast: Some coach might try to work with Williams because of his physical tools, and could improve his game somewhat. But his level of play is on par with what I'd expect out of a freshman or sophomore quarterback, and even with improvement he still won't be good enough to stick on this level on his passing skills. The only way Williams could potentailly succeed at the quarterback position is on a team like Miami who is committed to using the Wildcat, and mainly because Williams is such a good runner rather than any benefits he could add as a passer. In truth, outside Miami, I'm not sure he can make an NFL roster unless he move to running back, and try to become a player like Michael Robinson. Juice is a big physical specimen, moreso than Robinson and has a chance to compete as a runner. He won't ever be an impact runner out of the backfield, but a creative offensive coordinator could use him in a variety of ways. But because of that Williams is a major project and will have to stick on a team that is determined to be patient with him. If he commits to his new role, Williams can stay in the NFL. If not, then he'll just have to go north of the border and try to play there. Maybe five years down the road, he could come back to the NFL and be a backup.
ATL Forecast: Williams doesn't fit in Atlanta unless the Falcons were thinking about moving him into a RB/H-back/slot WR role. It's a possibility that he could play that role, but he'd likely have to sit on the practice squad for a number of years before he can be expected to contribute, and even then you don't know. He's a project that might be able to do a few things offensively for the Falcons as a gimmick player down the road, but it really isn't going to benefit the team too much.
Value: Williams is too raw as a passer, and is essentially an athlete that isn't likely to have a lot of upside to contribute offensively. Most teams would bring him to camp as an undrafted guy just to give him a look. Only the Dolphins or a team striving to be like the Dolphins is where he is worth drafting, and even then as a seventh round flyer.

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