Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee

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Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee

Postby Mr. Offseason » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:11 am

Pros- Has good size, some mobility, good arm strength and shows good zip on his throws and decent accuracy. He has a pretty strong arm and also throws the ball well downfield when he sets his feet or when he is on the run. Moves well outside the pocket and excels when using play action fakes or rollouts to keep the defense off balance. Shows some football intelligence and makes some checks at the line, and does an alright job of reading defenses. However he does a great job of it off of play action or rollouts, but is not as good at it when he is in the pocket.

Cons- Will force some throws when he shouldn’t and for most of his career has been turnover prone, even at the beginning of his senior year he was. Needs to improve his footwork some and learn to set his feet before throwing, because when he doesn’t his accuracy diminishes and he rarely puts the ball in the right place. He is not very effective in the pocket unless he is working off of play action. He doesn’t seem to read defenses as well from inside the tackle box either. I am not sure how good of a leader he is either, his intangibles are decent but certainly not off the charts.

Overall: Crompton is a guy I had all but written off before his emergence during his senior season. At the beginning of the year he was pretty dreadful, but he really came on strong after a slow start. He has good arm strength and shows good zip on his throws, even on quick or deep outs. He thrives when outside the pocket, throws very well on the run and is great at using play action. He needs to improve his footwork inside the pocket to help him improve his accuracy when working from under center on normal 3 and 5 step drops, not play-action. He could also stand to improve his ability to read defenses from the pocket, as he does not seem to do as good a job of that as he does when he is working off of play action. I think Crompton will be a quality backup for the first year or two of his career, and I never thought I would say this but I think he has the potential to be a solid starter in the NFL. I don’t think he will ever be the future for any team, but I think he will be at worst a quality #2 or #3 QB and at best a guy who sits for 2-3 years and then gets his shot. He will only be as good as his supporting cast obviously, but if he cleans up part of his game he could have some success as a starter in the NFL.

Projection: 4th round: I thought very little of Crompton as recently as the beginning of the year but he really seemed to get it as the season progressed and he started playing a lot better. He improved his stock considerably during the rest of his senior season, and I think he actually has the potential to be a solid starter in the NFL. He won’t be a franchise QB, but with some development and good coaching he could be a decent starter in the NFL.

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