Max Hall, QB, Brigham Young

Scouting reports of quarterbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Max Hall, QB, Brigham Young

Postby Pudge » Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:18 pm

QB Max Hall
BYU Senior

Pros: Has a good arm and can make all of the throws. Has good touch and accuracy. Does a good job anticipating receivers, putting the ball in the right spot. Has a quick release. Nice mobility that can make plays when the pass breaks down and throws well on the run.
Cons: Lacks ideal size. Needs to improve his footwork and pocket management skills. Works exclusively in the shotgun spread offense. Will press at times and needs to do a better job setting his feet when he throws. Doesn't quite know how to slide to avoid pressure and doesn't do a good job keeping his eyes downfield when he's on the move. Stares down receivers, often going to his first read, and needs to go through his progressions quicker. He has a bit of a gambling streak in him and will make some questionable decisions at times.
Overview: Typically, the short-statured spread quarterback doesn't have a good arm, but Hall does. But he'll have some issues transition to a pro offense because of that spread system that he performs so well in.
NFL Forecast: Hall has a chance to impact as a backup, and there is a chance that down the road he could have success as a starter. Not a lot of success, but at least be a decent player. But he's going to need some time, and there's going to be a bit of a learning curve going from BYU's spread attack to a pro offense. His short stature will hurt him in the pros because he hasn't mastered the pocket yet. And because of his size, he'll have a hard time seeing the defense, and he already isn't a guy that does a great job reading the defense. But he has the arm, accuracy, and mobility to be able to make some plays. And if he can get in an offense that likes to use a mobile quarterback like the West Coast system, he stands a better chance. If teams are patient within him, he has the ability to become a team's No. 2 by the time his rookie contract is up. I would compare him to a shorter version of Charlie Whitehurst. He'll just have to be a more consistent and smarter player than Whitehurst has been thus far in his short NFL career in order to stick.
ATL Forecast: Hall would have a chance to make an impact with the Falcons as a reserve down the road. He isn't good enough to beat Wilson for a job, but he brings many of the same traits that D.J. Shockley brings to the table and could land on the practice squad, with a chance to push for more time in subsequent summers. Perhaps three or more years down the road, he could eventually win the No. 2 job. But even then, he doesn't really possess the upside to be flipped for draft picks down the road.
Value: Hall is worth a late round pick for a team looking for a developmental No. 3. He'd fit best in a West Coast offense on a team that has a vacancy for their No. 3 spot. For a team like that he might be worth a late fifth round pick, but for most he's just a sixth rounder at best.

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