Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

Scouting reports of quarterbacks in the 2010 draft.
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Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

Postby Pudge » Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:07 pm

Sean Canfield
Oregon State Senior

Pros: Has good size and stands tall in the pocket. Has a good arm that gets good zip on most of his throws. Shows good touch and accuracy, able to hit receivers in stride over the middle or on deep crossing routes. Anticipates well and knows how to throw guys open. Shows ability to slide in the pocket and avoid the rush. Goes through his progressions, knows how to check down, and generally makes good decisions with the ball.
Cons: Doesn't have great arm strength, and won't wow you there. He will force some passes downfield into coverage. Lacks mobility and won't be able to extend the play, and isn't natural throwing outside the pocket.
Overview: Canfield is a southpaw that is a smart, pocket passer that has a good, but not great arm. He only started this year because last year's starter Lyle Moevao was injured this summer, but his play early in the season solidified him as the starter. He finishes his career with a 15-9 record as a starter, completing 64.1% of his passes, and have a 38:26 TD-INT ratio. Most of his production came this past year with an 8-5 record, 67.9% completions, and and 21:7 TD-INT ratio.
NFL Forecast: Canfield is a player that can probably come in right away and compete in the NFL a la a Trent Edwards. He's smart and polished enough that he shouldn't struggle too much right off the bat in the NFL. But his upside is greatest if he's allowed to sit and watch for a few years. And if he does that then I think it's likely you can get a Matt Schaub type of player that is a solid starting QB capable of leading a team into the playoffs. But he's not a franchise guy, and his performance in the NFL will be reflective of the talent around. Behind a line that can protect him and with options in the passing game, he can be very good. But I don't see the great intangibles to make me think he's a guy that you build around. He's a steady player that in the right offense can be very good. But he'll have to be protected because he's not going to avoid very many sacks. Basically his game is like left-handed Aaron Rodgers, but probably a step or two lower. But if you were to sit him for three years like Rodgers had, you could have a comparable player that could lead a weapons-laden offense deep into the playoffs. But I'm not sure he has the leadership/upside to be a special quarterback, just a pretty good one.
ATL Forecast: Canfield is probably the ideal candidate to take over the No. 2 position for the Falcons if they decided not to keep Redman. He's a guy that can sit for a few years behind Ryan, and then be trade bait down the road. But Canfield is smart enough that he could beat out Wilson and Shockley and handle the No. 2 duties right away.
Value: He is a solid second round pick for a team looking for a steadier developmental passer at quarterback.

key: 1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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