Tight Ends

First Round

Kellen Winslow II

(6'4" 247 4.55) Miami Junior

Pros: Has velcro for hands. He's an effective receiver that has good speed and quickness to stretch defenses. A good effort blocker that is a decent in-line guy. Works both well in short and intermediate routes as he does on the deep throws.
Cons: Biggest flaw is his maturity. Cocky and could be a headcase. Needs to add more strength to be a better blocker. Not a great guy after the catch.
NFL Forecast: Like his father, he's basically a wide receiver in a tight end's body. He's a capable blocker, although he has much room to improve there. He's a much more well-rounded player than ex-teammate Jeremy Shockey, and daresay he has better hands as well. But just like Shockey, he'll likely have to step on quite a few toes, which can turn off many coaches, teams, and fans. He definitely has Hall of Fame potential, but it's going to be up to him if he fulfills it. At the very least, he'll be a solid Pro Bowl tight end.
NFL Comparison: Tony Gonzalez, Chiefs.
NFL Value: He has the definite talent to go in the Top 10 picks, but his other issues probably should push him into the middle part of round one.

Ben Troupe

(6'4" 262 4.68) Florida Senior

Pros: Has good size and speed to stretch defenses downfield. Has good hands and shows he's a capable route runner. Gives good effort will blocking and has good strength. Is capable of lining up in the slot.
Cons: Gets poor base as a blocker and thus he has difficulty blocking at times.
NFL Forecast: Troupe is a mismatch for most defenders because he has the speed of a slow wideout and the size of a tight end. He also has good strength, but he needs to apply that strength better as a blocker. He'll be used best in an offense where he'll be considered more of a receiver than a blocker, but he's a good enough blocker to play every down in almost all offenses. He has good upside as a blocker due to his strength, but he'll probably never be a good blocker, just above average. Has lots of upside since he can be an effective all-around guy, but he's not going to be an elite guy unless he finds a good offense.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Upside is high enough to push his raw talent into the latter part of the first round.

Second Round

Ben Hartsock

(6'4" 263 4.82) Ohio State Senior

Pros: Has good hands and is a capable receiver that works well in the middle of the field. A capable blocker that gets good base and push up front. Works well as an H-back and can lead runners through holes.
Cons: Not a powerful blocker, more an effort type. Doesnít have speed to stretch defenses on a consistent basis.
NFL Forecast: Heís a good all-around tight end, who doesnít have the superb athleticism that many tight ends have, but heís very capable as both a runner and receiver. His versatility is also a big plus since he can play both tight end and H-back, and maybe get some work as a fullback for some offenses. Heís a steady and capable player, that doesnít overwhelm you, but quietly plays at a top level. He wonít be an elite tight end in the NFL, but will definitely be in the upper echelon.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Most effective all-around tight end and versatility makes him a solid mid-second round pick.

Ben Watson

(6'3" 255 4.46) Georgia Senior

Pros: Has good speed and can stretch the field. Has soft hands and will make it look easy. An effective blocker downfield. Has great strength.
Cons: He struggles as an in-line blocker. Doesn't have the size to hold up at the line of scrimmage. His strength is mostly locker room strength.
NFL Forecast: He's got as good numbers as any tight end in recent history and is a superb athlete. Unfortunately, his on-field play doesn't back up his weight room numbers. He's going to be an effective receiving tight end on the next level. He has added enough weight to not have to move to the H-back position, but he needs to better apply his immense weight room strength. He should improve enough as a blocker to play every down, but he'll never be more than a below average to average blocker.
NFL Comparison:
Value: His on-field play is about on level with a third or fourth round pick, but he's trapped in a first round body.

Third Round


Fourth Round

Tim Euhus

(6'5" 249 4.85) Oregon State Senior

Pros: Has soft hands and good body control as a receiver. Has good speed and gets good release off the line of scrimmage which can allow him to stretch defenses.
Cons: Is lacking as a blocker since he doesn't have great strength and ability to move defenders off the ball.
NFL Forecast: He looks like a solid H-back prospect that is a one-dimensional receiver. Has the size to get bigger and stronger to improve his blocking, but never will be a truly complete tight end. Probably will improve as a blocker just enough so that he can get by in the NFL..
NFL Comparison:
Value: Should make a solid starter. In the right offense, he'll produce like a Pro Bowler, but he's not an elite tight end.

Kris Wilson

(6'2" 246 4.61) Pittsburgh Senior

Pros: Is a good blocker and has soft hands. Has a feel for making catches in the soft parts of the coverage. Has good speed and can stretch the field.
Cons: Will body catch a bit too much. Doesn't get good release off the line of scrimmage. Lacks size and power and won't drive guys off the ball.
NFL Forecast: Will make a good H-back on the next level. If he gets bigger, he could be a good true tight end. He blocks much better than most players his size. He'll have to contribute as an H-back at first until he bulks up to around 250-260 range. Doesn't have a great frame for adding too much weight, so he may not get that big. Won't be a great receiver, but a guy that will be capable of catching 30-40 balls per year on a consistent basis. Should make a solid all-around guy that is somewhat physical limited.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Should make a reliable, productive, and consistent NFL player, but won't be more than an above average to solid starter.

Fifth Round

Ronnie Ghent

(6'2" 246 4.87) Louisville Senior

Pros: Has soft hands and shows good speed. Has nice release from the line and is a solid runner after the catch. A decent blocker that can make blocks downfield.
Cons: Lacks size and doesn't go balls out when he's blocking. Doesn't have much pop as a blocker and seems like he is just going through the motions.
NFL Forecast: If he committed himself more as a blocker, then he could be a very good player in the mold of Daniel Graham. Otherwise though, he is mostly an H-back prospect because he doesn't have great size or strength. Should develop as a good receiver on the next level since he has all the skills you want in a receiver. Has fought hard to come back from injuries the past two years. I'm not sure with his lacking blocking skills and his injury history if he'll be more than a No. 2 tight end. Could be a decent starter, but would really need to be in an offense that limited his blocking responsibilities.
NFL Comparison:
Value: A backup type that has concerns pushing him into the fifth round, but has enough talent and upside to get fourth round looks.

Jason Peters

(6'4" 328 4.89) Arkansas Junior

Pros: Has soft hands and good athleticism. Shows good strength and power as a run blocker and does a good job using his hands. Shows nice running ability and a load to bring down after the catch.
Cons: Doesn't have a lot of pop as a blocker and has poor base. Very raw in terms of technique and questionable ability in pass protection. Doesn't show very much effort as a blocker, as it seems he is just going through the motions. Doesn't have velcro hands and tends to body catch.
NFL Forecast: As a tight end, he's only a short-yardage guy since he lacks the speed to stretch the field. At that position, he'll be used mostly as a niche blocker that does his best work in the redzone and goalline situations. Despite his intriguing size and athleticism, he'll never be a top tight end. As an offensive linemen, that's where he has the most upside, but unfortunately he's very raw there right now. His size, strength, and athleticism make him an intriguing prospect at the tackle position, but he needs a lot of work on his blocking technique. It would be a big leap for him to move to the tackle spot on the next level. If that is the route he goes, he will likely need at least three years to refine his abilities before he can be expected to contribute. If he's going to play tight end, he really needs to lose weight and probably should not play above 300 pounds. Weight could become an issue.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Fifth round. His athleticism and potential is intriguing, but he's basically a tweener that has a big uphill battle. As a tight end, he's only worth a fifth rounder since he's more a backup than a starter at that position. As a lineman, he's really too raw to be drafted.

Sixth Round

Keith Willis

(6'6" 260 4.97) Virginia Tech Senior

Pros: Contributes as a blocker. His size makes him a good receiving target in the redzone. Also has pretty good hands. Shows good release off the line of scrimmage and can make plays downfield.
Cons: Doesn't play as powerfully as a person his size should. Not a polished route-runner.
NFL Forecast: Looks like he could develop into a quality No. 2 tight end. He's not a dominating blocker or receiver, but has good upside in both areas. He should be an effective backup, but doesn't have the raw talent you like in a future starter. Has nice upside, but likely won't fulfill it. He's not going to be a top blocking tight end, but should be a good enough guy to stick in the NFL.
NFL Comparison: Rickey Dudley, Bucs.
Value: A quality backup blocker type, but probably won't be more than an above average backup.

Seventh Round



Thomas Hill

(6'3" 262 4.87) Kansas State Senior

Pros: A decent effort blocker with good size and strength. He has decent hands.
Cons: Doesnít get good base as a blocker, and will tend to whiff and lose balance. Not much of a factor in the passing game.
NFL Forecast: He has little upside as a starter but could develop into a decent reserve blocker in the NFL. His effectiveness in the passing game will be limited, although he has pretty good athleticism. He might be able to catch 10-15 balls per year, but won't be much of a threat in that area. He's a decent blocker, but he needs to improve his technique if he wants to stick. A marginal NFL reserve, but has some ability. e
Value: Still a bit too raw as a blocker to merit a seventh round selection, but could sneak in late.

Brandon Hall

(6'4" 240 4.79) California Senior

Pros: Has nice hands and good speed. Willing blocker that gives good effort and is effective on linebackers and defensive backs.
Cons: Lacks the strength to be a top in-line blocker. Not going to stretch the field.
NFL Forecast: He projects as a decent H-back, although he lacks great upside to be a starter. He might be able to contribute somewhat off the bench, but he's not going to be a guy that catches more than 10-15 passes in a season. He should improve somewhat but doesn't stand out either as a receiver or blocker. Has a frame to get bigger, but he's not an effective enough blocker to have potential in that aspect of the game.
NFL Comparison:
Value: A decent backup prospect, but only a marginal guy that may produce somewhat.

Jeff Dugan

(6'4" 263 4.95) Maryland Senior

Pros: Good effort blocker that can seal off corner. Works the underneath routes well.
Cons: Doesn't have great hands. Doesn't have the speed to stretch defenses.
NFL Forecast: looks like he could be a good No. 2 tight end or H-back, but he's not starter material. He doesn't stand out as a blocker or receiver. Picking him, a team will only be looking to upgrade depth rather than targetting a future starter. He has his best upside as a blocker, although he'll never be overwhelming there. I suspect he might be able to stick in the league for a few years, but his long term future is questionable and dismal.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Can boost depth, but he's not going to be a top backup, just a guy that's good enough to stick as a No. 3 guy.

Eric Edwards

(6'4" 249 4.91) LSU Senior

Pros: Used mostly as a third tackle and is a good blocker. Has good pop and explosion off the line of scrimmage. Has good release and shows ability to make plays on short routes.
Cons: Is not blessed with great hands or strength and contributes little offensively.
NFL Forecast: He doesn't have great size or strength and will need to add some since at the very best he'll be a reserve blocker in the NFL. Lacks great upside, but might be good enough to stick in the NFL. Has frame to get bigger and should be a decent backup.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Marginal blocker that has some ability and could stick as a backup.

Jonathan Pritchett

(6'3" 245 4.75) Houston Senior

Pros: Gives good effort as a blocker and can lock onto defenders. Has nice hands and shows good ability to turn upfield and run after the catch.
Cons: Doesn't have great size or strength as a blocker and won't drive guys off the ball. More of a short-yardage receiver and won't really stretch the field.
NFL Forecast: Used more as a blocker than receiving threat at Houston. Unfortunately he lacks the size and strength to be a big contributor in that area. Could make a decent H-back in the NFL. Doesn't have a lot of upside either as a receiver or blocker, but could make a reliable reserve. Was an effective collegiate tight end, so he make a decent backup in the NFL.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Has some ability, but not a good enough blocker or receiver to be drafted.

Richard Owens

(6'4" 271 4.84) Louisville Senior

Pros: Shows good pop and power in the run game as a blocker. Gets pretty good release off the line of scrimmage as a blocker. Can function as a good third tackle.
Cons: Lacks great skills as a receiver and is slow off the line on his pass routes.
NFL Forecast: Works out better than he looks on the field. Owens could stick in the league as a backup blocking tight end, but won't ever really be a threat as a receiver. He could catch 5-10 passes per season, but his most effective use on offense will be in redzone situations. A nice backup prospect, but lacks the skills to be a starter on the next level.
NFL Comparison: Hunter Goodwin, Falcons.
Value: A decent backup blocker prospect, but lacks upside to be more than a No.2 guy.


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