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B.J. Sander

(6'3" 219 4.84) Ohio State Senior

Pros: Has good leg strength and gets good hang time on his punts. Does a good job pinning teams back inside their own territory and gets good direction and placement on his punts.
Cons: Is a three-step guy rather than a two-step punter.
NFL Forecast: Has a bright future in the NFL. Heís more a directional guy than a power punter, but has enough leg strength to be a solid all-around guy. He should stick on the next level and is far more developed placement guy than most collegiate punters, which gives him a distinct advantage.
Value: Worth a mid to late sixth round pick.

Seventh Round

Donnie Jones

(6'3" 222 4.88) LSU Senior

Pros: Gets great hang-time on his kicks and has a nice strong leg. Shows good potential on directional skills.
Cons: Could do with a quicker release since he's a three-step guy.
NFL Forecast: Not really the type that is going to get his team out of trouble by nailing some 60-70 yard punts, but has a nice leg. A good all-around kicker that has a bright future as a directional/placement guy. He's a much better directional punter than most collegiate prospects to come out and should be ahead of the curve when he first steps onto an NFL field because of it. Left-footed.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Innate skills to pin teams should be enough to merit a possible late seventh round pick.

Andy Lee

(6'1" 207 5.00) Pittsburgh Senior

Pros: Has a big leg and can kick his team out of trouble. Has pretty good direction on his kicks.
Cons: Is a straight-line kicker that doesn't get great hangtime on his kicks. That leads him to outkick his coverage at time.
NFL Forecast: He has a huge leg, and you have to like him because of that. He needs a lot of work on his placement ability since his ability to pin teams inside their own territory is limited. But he's the type of guy you want kicking you out of your own endzone because he can send some real boomers. His leg strength will likely keep him in the league, since it's hard to cut a guy like him, but it will take a few years before he can be a reliable placement guy.
NFL Comparison: Todd Sauerbrun, Panthers.
Value: His leg strength is strong enough to get him seventh round looks, although his placement is about on par with an undrafted guy.


Jared Brite

(6'1" 186 4.83) Kansas State Senior

Pros: Has good leg strength and has pretty good release. Gets good hangtime on most of his punts.
Cons: Line drives far too many, and doesnít show a lot of placement ability and accuracy.
NFL Forecast: He has upside as a punter, but right now heís nothing special. But heís a good collegiate punter that just needs a little more consistency and heíll be a solid NFL punter. Wonít be great, but has the potential to be an above average guy.
Value: A bit too inconsistent to be drafted, but has good ability and should be brought to camp.

Curtis Ansel

(6' 210 N/A) Kansas Senior

Pros: Has good leg strength and can pin teams inside their own twenty. Shows pretty good direction and placement on his punts.
Cons: Doesn't get great hangtime and will tend to outkick his coverages. A three-stepper instead of a two-step punter, which could lead to blocks.
NFL Forecast: He's a strong-legged punter that needs a lot of work on his placement and directional skills to stick in the NFL. It may take him a few years and multiple tries with several different teams, but eventually he could stick in the league. He'll never be a very accurate punter, but with his leg strength he won't need to be.br> Value: Undrafted. Has enough leg strength to get a look in the NFL, but he's nothing special in terms of accuracy.

Jimmy McClary

(6'6" 225 N/A) Houston Senior

Pros: Has a big leg and can put the ball deep in opponents territory. A two-step punter that can get the ball off quickly.
Cons: Will outkick coverage and needs to improve his placement. Sends more line drives and doesn't get good hangtime on his punts.
NFL Forecast: His leg is a big plus, but he needs more work as a directional guy. Could stick in the NFL if he impresses a team with his leg strength. He's the type of punter you want on your team when you're pinned deep in your territory and you need a booming punt that won't be easily blocked. But he's also not a reliable enough guy to pin teams back in their own territory since he will outkick his coverage too often.
Value: Has big leg, so he'll get work in camp, but not accurate enough to be drafted.

Brent Slaton

(6'1" 203 5.08) Purdue Senior

Pros: Has good leg strength and can drive the ball deep into opponent's territory.
Cons: Doesn't get good release and is a three-step guy. Punts don't get good hangtime and his kicks are more low line drives.
NFL Forecast: His leg strength is enough to get him looks in the NFL, but doesn't have the accuracy and placement abilities to stick. Over time, he could potentially stick in the NFL, but he needs to improve his directional skills.
Value: Undrafted. A longshot, but his leg strength gets him a camp invite.


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