Offensive Tackles

First Round

Robert Gallery

(6'7" 323 4.99) Iowa Senior

Pros: Has good feet and technique in pass protection. Uses strength well to finish blocks and gets good pop in the running game. Has mobility and athleticism to make blocks downfield and on the second level. Has good hand use and will lock onto opponents.
Cons: Not overly quick or powerful. Won't dominate in the run game and could struggle with quick speedy rushers in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: He's a finesse type left tackle. He's a good run blocker, but not close to being dominant in that area. He mostly gets by because he's a superior athlete that works hard and plays smart. He doesn't make a whole lot of mistakes. He's the type of tackle that will quietly be among the elite in the league. His best asset is his consistency. He's grown up a lot over the years and is a self-made player.
NFL Comparison:
Value: First round. Not the best left tackle prospect in recent years, but good enough to merit a Top 3 selection.

Shawn Andrews

(6'4" 345 5.28) Arkansas Senior

Pros: Has good strength and is an excellent drive blocker, especially when blocking downhill. Has the athleticism and quickness to get out in space and block on the second level. Uses hands well in pass protection. Has a mean streak and loves putting people into the turf. Has good feet.
Cons: A little top heavy and blocks too high. Comes out too high in stance and can allow defenders to get under his pads and won't always get push in the run game. Ends up on the ground too much. Not exactly comfortable when blocking in space and making adjustments. Doesn't always lock onto defenders.
NFL Forecast: He is a potentially dominating run blocker, but he does need to refine his technique a bit. I consider his optimum playing weight range between 330-340, so it will be important that he tries to stay in this range. He's an incredible athlete for a player his size, which is a rarity in the NFL. He's a good pass protector, but not great. He is more than fine enough to be left on an island, but with struggle a bit with quick double moves. Andrews is a solid right tackle prospect that should be among the better ones in the league. It's not a matter of skill that could potentially hold him back but weight. It's been said that he's played as big as 370 pounds. He could move inside to guard as well.
NFL Comparison: Leonard Davis, Cardinals.
Value: For a team looking to upgrade their run game and get another bookend tackle, Andrews is their man. Because of potential weight issues, he's a Top 15 player, but not in the Top 10.

Second Round

Jacob Rogers

(6'6" 305 5.32) Southern California Senior

Pros: A solid run blocker that works hard to finish his blocks. Has good mobility and does a good job getting to the second level. He uses his hands well.
Cons: Will overextend in pass protection, and blocks with poor balance and ends up on the ground too much. Doesn't get good pop in the run game.
NFL Forecast: If he works better on his technique, he could make a capable starting tackle. He might be able to play the left side on the next level, but he probably would work better on the right side. Has shown a lot of improvement over the past few years. I wouldn't exactly want him protecting my passer's blindside, but he's good enough to handle that job, if not well. I think he should develop into a quality tackle down the road, although he's not completely polished yet.
NFL Comparison: Chad Clifton, Packers.
Value: With a bit more polish, he might be worth a late first round pick, but otherwise is a solid middle second rounder.

Third Round

Max Starks

(6'7" 337 5.59) Florida Senior

Pros: He is massive guy that uses that size well in pass protection. Uses massive arms to shield defenders away from his body and is a good run blocker in the short area.
Cons: Overweight and it is evident when he tries to move. Has poor balance and marginal feet. Is a waist bender and will overextend at times.
NFL Forecast: Starks has the size and strength you want in a right tackle, but his abilities in pass protection need a lot of work. But he's good enough there to play tackle on the next level. I would guess his optimal playing weight range would be between 320-330. He's a tough cookie to get around because he's so massive and it more than makes up for his poor feet. I like the way he plays inside as well and his deficiencies are hidden even more. If he can lose weight, I think he can be a quality starting right tackle. If he can't he may have to move inside. Either way, he'll be an effective NFL player, but unless he shows a commitment to getting into great shape, then he'll never fulfill his potential.
NFL Comparison:
Value: An inconsistent and overweight player, but his size and power are good enough to keep him on day one.

Carlos Joseph

(6'6" 345 5.33) Miami Senior

Pros: Has good strength. Is a good drive blocker and gets good pop in the run game. Does a good job shielding away defenders.
Cons: Lacks great feet and adjustment skills. Struggles with speed rushers and quick inside moves. Blocks too high. Doesn't do a great job blocking on the second level.
NFL Forecast: Can play right tackle on the next level. He could play inside as well, but I don't really see that as his optimum position. He's another player that could stand to lose some weight, but he's played at around 345 for a while, and he seems suited to it. I'd say he'd be much more effective closer to 330 however. Although he's big and massive, he's just not an overwhelming guy. You expect this type of monster to be exactly that, a monster, but he's not. He plays well, but is not a dominating run blocker, and manages to get by in pass protection.
Value: Third round. His size and potential as a run blocker push him into the first day, but barely.

Fourth Round

Kelly Butler

(6'7" 324 5.11) Purdue Junior

Pros: Has good strength and size. Has the feet to be good in pass protection. Does a good job using his arms and their length to shield defenders. A good run blocker that has good athleticism and can make blocks on the second level.
Cons: Displays poor balance and can bite on double moves. Doesn't show great power or pop in the run game. Doesn't finish his blocks.
NFL Forecast: He's a superb athlete on the outside that hasn't put it all together. You can definitely see the potential, but he may take a few years to get better on the next level. He has good enough feet and athleticism to play left tackle in the NFL, but I think his best position is right tackle, although he's not a great run blocker. He's the type of right tackle that you would like having protecting the blindside of a southpaw passer, but not necessarily a good enough pass protector to do the same on the leftside. Butler is mostly a potential guy, that has some ability right now but he just doesn't really stand out.
NFL Comparison:
Value: If you factor in his upside and athleticism, he goes from a fifth rounder to a fourth round choice.

Fifth Round

Adrian Jones

(6'5" 302 4.96) Kansas Senior

Pros: Has great athleticism as a former tight end. Possesses good mobility and does a great job blocking on the second level. Has good feet and can mirror pass rushers.
Cons: Lacks power and strength. Has short arms and allows defenders to get their hands on him. Lacks pop in the run game and slow out of stance in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: He's still growing as a player since he's put on quite a bit of weight since his junior year, when he was measuring around 265. It's questionable how well he'll be able to adjust to this new weight. Needs more upper body strength. Could play either tackle or guard, but he's a developmental type at both positions. He probably will need two or three years of putting on muscle and continuing to learn the position before he can be expected to be a major contributor. His mobility and athleticism are his best asset, but his lack of strength and overall average ability as a run blocker will limit him on the next level. In certain schemes that use a lot of pulls and traps and likes their blockers out in space, he could develop into a capable starter several years from now. In all other schemes, he won't stick.
NFL Comparison: Wade Smith, Dolphins.
Value: His athleticism matches that of first rounds, but raw and too much of a project to go before round five. In the right scheme, could merit a fourth round selection.

Sixth Round


Seventh Round

Mark Pera

(6'5" 315 5.25) Auburn Senior

Pros: In pass protection, does a good job using arms to shield away defender and can lock onto guys. Shows that he is an effective run blocker. He can get upfield and make blocks downfield. Is effective on traps and pulls.
Cons: Lacks athleticism and will struggle against quick outside rushers. Not an overwhelming run blocker that has difficulty locking onto a defender. Can get turned around and can be abused by swim moves.
NFL Forecast: Pera has the makings of a nice right tackle. His abilities in pass protection are adequate at times, but then sometimes you watch him and he looks terrible. He may have to move inside where his deficiencies will be less hidden. He's no athlete by far, but as an interior player he would be adequate and much better. As a tackle, he'll never be more than a marginal backup on the right side. At guard, he could develop into a decent starter down the road, but probably is nothing more than a capable backup there.
Value: Seventh round. Only worth a look in the seventh round if a team plans to move him inside, otherwise he's an undrafted prospect.

John Glud

(6'6" 335 5.42) Texas Christian Senior

Pros: Tall guy that looks like a giant on the field. Shows good mobility and quickness for a guy his size. Willing to get out on the second level and make blocks. Shows some nice footwork in pass protection and can be effective on an island.
Cons: Height causes him to block too high and to bend his waist. Too inconsistent. Despite size, is not overpowering in the run game and doesn't show good pop and explosion off the line of scrimmage.
NFL Forecast: Will sometimes look like he could be an effective tackle and sometimes looks like he'll be lost at that position. He has the size that teams like in tackles and will probably get looks on the right side. But at the very least, he should be able to provide decent depth at both tackle and guard. He needs to add strength, but you wonder how much more strength and bulk can he possibly add to his already gigantic size without it becoming a major problem. A developmental type player that has good upside because of his size and athleticism. Potentially could be a solid starter, but needs to start playing more consistently.
Value: Intriguing, but too enigmatic to deserve higher than a seventh round choice.

Rob Droege

(6'6" 311 5.39) Missouri Senior

Pros: Is effective in space and making blocks downfield. Can make blocks on traps and pulls. Does a good job finishing his blocks.
Cons: Has questionable feet and looks awkward in pass protection. Gets poor balance in pass protection and will get his feet caught up. Not a physical in-line blocker. Doesn't get good pop in the run game.
NFL Forecast: He has the makings of a decent right tackle, but he's not as powerful as you would like at that position. If he can add some strength, he could be a solid guy. He would be used best in a scheme that prefers to open lanes through traps and pulls more than just blowing defenders off the ball, because he's lacking in that area. Looks like he could be a good reserve tackle on the next level. Some teams may try him at guard, where he may have a better future.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Seventh round. Will get a chance to boost a team's depth, but lacks the upside as a starter.


Ben Herrell

(6'7" 315 5.53) Miami of Ohio Senior

Pros: Gets nice release off the line in running game and shows pop when blocking. Uses hands well in pass protection and has decent feet.
Cons: Gets poor release off line as a pass protector which can be exploited in the NFL. Struggles with speed rushers and doesn't play with good balance so powerful pass rushers will give him fits as well. Doesn't overwhelm defenders in the run game eit
NFL Forecast: He has great size and good strength, but doesn't play with it all the time on the field. Has potential to be a decent backup tackle that can play either left or right tackle. But he's lacking as a pass protector and nothing special as a run blocker. Might be a better fit at guard, but because of his size he likely won't get many looks there.
NFL Comparison: Jimmy Herndon, Texans.
Value: Undrafted. Has potential to develop into a decent reserve, but lacks starter potential.

Matt Morgan

(6'6" 303 5.41) Pittsburgh Senior

Pros: Is a physical run blocker that has some mobility to make blocks on the second level. Uses hands well to lock onto defenders and can seal off the edge. Has nice feet and is decent in pass protection.
Cons: Is a waist bender and tends to lunge and overextend in pass protection. Gets poor base and can be bull-rushed and overpowered.
NFL Forecast: He has the makings of a decent right tackle, but right now he has many limitations. To the point that he might not even make an NFL roster. His upside is pretty good, so that he'd be a below average starter, or a top backup. He's too inconsistent at this point that has a good combination of size and strength. I think he could stick as a backup right tackle, but most likely he'll never rise on a depth chart beyond being the No. 2 guy on the right side.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Has some potential to be an above average backup, but not enough of a player now to be drafted.

Eric Dumas

(6'6" 308 5.41) Maryland Senior

Pros: Uses hands well well in pass protection to shield away defenders. Is a natural knee-bender.
Cons: Has poor feet and lacks pop in run game. Doesn't finish his blocks. Slow out of the blocks. Doesn't get good base and blocks too high. He'll whiff on blocks.
NFL Forecast: He looks like an underachiever, and doesn't look like he is playing hard on the field. Seems to be loafing it. His size is intriguing and if he busted his butt he could be a decent backup right tackle. He is nothing special either as a run blocker or pass protector, but if he tried hard he'd be decent. Unless he starts working harder, he won't stick on the next level.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. Size and potential are enough to bring to camp, but an underachiever.

Chris Murphy

(6'3" 316 5.46) California Senior

Pros: A physical run blocker that can dominate defenders at times. Uses hands well and shields defenders away from his body.
Cons: Inconsistent and not always a dominating run blocker. Lacks athleticism and quickness. Struggles with speed rushers and the double move.
NFL Forecast: He has enough ability to stick at right tackle in the NFL, but he still a bit of a liability in pass protection. Needs more work, but will earn his paycheck by opening up run lanes for backs. Unless he improves in pass protection, he may have to slide inside if he wants to stick long-term in the NFL. A pretty good prospect, but lacks the upside to be anything more than a backup, and an average one at that.
Value: Worth bringing into camp, but he's too limited to be more than an undrafted free agent.

Matt Mattox

(6'4" 290 5.12) Houston Senior

Pros: Has good mobility and can get downfield and make blocks. Gets good push up front at the line of scrimmage.
Cons: Is a waist bender and tends to overextend in pass protection. Takes time to set up in stance and gets poor base and balance. Lacks power as a run blocker. Will make some mental mistakes.
NFL Forecast: Has some future as a right tackle on the next level, but needs more polish. Could move inside, but won't be a mauler type. Could be a reliable backup tackle if he improves his technique.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. An overachiever that lacked consistency at the collegiate level.


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