First Round


Second Round

Vernon Carey

(6'4" 335 5.33) Miami Senior

Pros: A good run blocker that gets good explosion and pop off the line of scrimmage. Fiesty block with good hand use. Has no problem making you eat turf.
Cons: Is a waist-bender and lunges at opponents. Can bite on double moves because of it. Not very effective in space and looks uncomfortable blocking on the second level.
NFL Forecast: Can play both tackle and guard, which makes his NFL prospects pretty good. But he's best on the interior. He's a bit limited on the outside because he's only an average pass protector, that gets by with strength and size, rather than athleticism and technique. On the inside, he'll make an excellent mauler-type guard. In the end, he'll be a potentially great interior guard, while only a marginal starter if at all on the outside.
Value: He's limited, but is the physical run blocker that would merit an early second round pick.

Third Round

Shane Olivea

(6'3" 306 5.12) Ohio State Senior

Pros: Gets good pop in the run game, and is a solid in-line drive blocker. Uses hands well and does a good job shielding away defenders.
Cons: Has below average feet for the outside. Lacks athleticism and will whiff on quick inside moves.
NFL Forecast: Doesnít have great size to play on the edge, but is good enough to get by on the right side. Is a much better fit as a guard since he can be a good mauler on the inside. If he moves inside, he could be a above average starter, although he probably won't ever be an elite guard due to lacking athleticism. He'll earn his paycheck as a run blocker, and should become very good in that role on the next level. As a tackle, he lacks size and can play there because he is a good run blocker, but is somewhat a liability in pass protection. But his ability to play two positions will improve his chances in sticking int eh NFL.
Value: If moved inside, could sneak into third round. As a pure tackle he would be only worth a sixth round pick.

Fourth Round

Adrien Clarke

(6'5" 329 5.49) Ohio State Senior

Pros: Has good power and pop in the running game. Uses hands well and has decent feet. Can make some blocks in space and is effective on traps and pulls.
Cons: Doesnít finish blocks and wonít lock onto defenders. Looks a little top heavy and it can affect his balance in pass protection. Struggles to make adjustments in space.
NFL Forecast: Clarke is a solid interior player that has a mean streak, but he doesnít truly punish defenders despite his strength and power. The fact that he doesnít finish his blocks is the biggest factor keeping him from being a true mauler. Heís not as athletic as youíd like, but he has more than enough to be a solid starting guard in the NFL. But I worry if he'll ever put it all together. He probably has enough pure talent to be a top guard, but doesn't always play to that ability. He should develop into a good starter, but will probably continue to be an underachiever.
Value: Underachievement lands him on the second day, but his upside and talent would normally make him a second round prospect.

Stephen Peterman

(6'4" 317 5.31) LSU Senior

Pros: Has good strength and shows good ability as an in-line drive blocker. Has power to dominate opponents as a run blocker. Uses his hands well to shield defenders away in pass protection.
Cons: Needs work in pass protection. Lacks good feet and can get unbalanced. Struggles in space and lacks mobility to block on the second level. Vulnerable to quick pass rushers.
NFL Forecast: He's mostly a run blocker that projects well to the NFL, but I doubt he'll ever be a complete guard. But is a strong enough in the run game to develop into a capable starter on the next level. Not exactly the type of player that will set the league on fire, but should be an above average starter. He still needs some polish in pass protection, but is good enough to get by.
NFL Comparison:
Value: For a team that wants a mauler-type guard, he makes a good fourth round choice.

Tony Pape

(6'6" 324 5.24) Michigan Senior

Pros: Big and strong and a good drive blocker. Uses hands well and can lock onto a defender. Finishes blocks.
Cons: Doesn't have great feet and will overextend in pass protection. Has trouble with quick outside rushers. Struggles in space and lacks mobility.
NFL Forecast: Like many past Wolverine linemen, he's not a gifted run blocker. But he's also limited in pass protection, although it's his better area. He probably won't be a great fit on the outside for most teams, although he's a good enough player to play right tackle on the next level. He looks a bit overweight as I didn't think he was that big as a junior since I recall him being in the 305-310 range weight-wise. So that might be a red flag. His best position is probably guard. Eventually he should develop into a good starter, but he's not exactly going to light the world on fire doing it.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Versatility to play both outside and inside makes him a good fourth round selection.

Fifth Round

Shannon Snell

(6'4" 313 5.81) Florida Senior

Pros: He's a road grader in the middle that can be a powerful interior run blocker. He uses bulk and leverage well in pass protection.
Cons: He plays a little sloppy. He doesn't finish his blocks and doesn't lock onto defenders, so quicker interior players can still slip his blocks even if initially beat. He has poor feet and balance in pass protection, and lacks mobility.
NFL Forecast: For some teams, Snell would be a good fit. Those teams will be ones that don't allow him to play a lot in space rather having him perform more straight-ahead run blocking. Those teams with the mentality of blowing defenders off the ball and "three yards and a cloud of dust" style of offense. Despite only being 315, it looks like he could lose some weight as well. I think Snell could develop into a decent starter. He'll never be a stud, just a guy that does enough to stay in the starting lineup.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Fifth round. He's a limited player that will stick because of his run blocking abilities.

Sean Locklear

(6'4" 300 5.03) N.C. State Senior

Pros: Has good potential as a run blocker. Shows that he can drive people off the ball and finishes his blocks. Shows good strength.
Cons: Overmatched in pass protection since he lacks feet and athleticism. Is a waist bender and blocks with poor balance. Lacks pop and power in his blocking.
NFL Forecast: Had to switch to left tackle this year, but does not have the athleticism nor quickness to stick there in the NFL. But could use those skills learned on the outside to enhance his pass protection abilities at guard. Needs some more polish. He is a capable run blocker, so he'll be able to get by in the league because of that. But I don't ever see him developing into more than an average to above average starter. At the least, he makes a decent backup that could potentially play both guard and right tackle.
Value: Has some ability and upside, but not good enough to go higher than the late fifth round.

Anthony Herrera

(6'2" 317 5.35) Tennessee Senior

Pros: Shows good pop and power in the run game. Has good strength. Shows some ability in hand use in redirecting pass rushers.
Cons: Struggles in space and needs work in pass protection. Has poor feet.
NFL Forecast: He has pretty good upside, but needs more work. He's a good enough run blocker and will get by on the next level due to his abilities there. Needs more work in pass protection, but does a good enough job to get by. I think he could develop into a decent starter, although I doubt he'll be a great player. At the least he's going to be a top backup. He'll work best in a straight-ahead smashmouth offense that allow hims to try to blow the defense off the line.
Value: A quality run blocker, but not amazing enough to go higher than the late fifth round.

Sixth Round

Greg Walker

(6'4" 327 5.50) Clemson Senior

Pros: Has decent feet for pass protection. Good strength and power and shows good ability in the run game. Effective in-line and drive blocker that has some ability to block on the second level.
Cons: Struggles in space. Is a waist-bender and will tend to overextend and lunge at defenders. Doesnít have great balance and ends up on the ground too much.
NFL Forecast: Played right tackle at Clemson, but will need to slide inside. Shows good ability to be an effective mauler-type at guard. Wonít be a top starter, but is capable of doing the job. At guard, his limitations in pass protection will be less evident and heíll get by since his experience at tackle will allow him to block on an island. Heís susceptible to quick pass rushers since his feet are marginal. At the very least, should make a decent backup guard and could be a decent starter, but wonít wow anybody in that role.
Value: Has good ability, but lacks upside to be a starter.

Seventh Round

Monreko Crittenden

(6'3" 348 5.50) Auburn Senior

Pros: Has good strength and uses bulk well. Has nice mobility and athleticism for his size.
Cons: Has poor feet in pass protection and will be beat by quick interior rushers. Tends to lunge and overextend in pass protection. Not very overwhelming as a run blocker as his size should merit. Doesn't do a good job blocking at the second level. He's uncomfortable in space and can't be left on an island in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: He's basically an underachiever. His size is intriguing, but he is not a dominant run blocker and struggles in pass protection. He basically gets by on the college level because he's so big and it's hard for guys to get around and through him, but it won't work in the NFL. He needs a lot of work on his technique and needs to start doing the little things right. Until he does that I don't see him sticking in the NFL. His size and athleticism makes him intriguing, but unless he gets on a team with good coaching and he himself wants to work harder to improve, he's not going to be anything more than a camp body.
Value: Borderline seventh round since he's too undisciplined to go any higher.

Ryan Lilja

(6'2" 297 5.23) Kansas State Senior

Pros: Gets good pop and push in the run game. Does a good job finishing blocks. Is effective in space and does a good job blocking on the second level.
Cons: Doesnít lock onto defenders. Doesnít get good base in pass protection and can be bull-rushed.
NFL Forecast: Is a good guard, but a work in progress. He wonít be a star on the next level, but could eventually develop into a capable starter. Works hard and doesnít make a lot of mistakes. Not an overwhelming blocker, but is effective pass protector and above average run blocker. If he can improve his technique somewhat, he could be a good player on the next level. Never will be more than a marginal to average starter however. Won't be worth much unless he plays in a blocking scheme that accentuates his abilities. Those abilities being his play on pulls and traps and allows him to block in space.
Value: If he goes to the right club, is worth a seventh round pick, but for many NFL teams he would only be an undrafted prospect.

Bryce Bishop

(6'2" 312 5.23) Ohio State Senior

Pros: Has good size and uses it well to get leverage as a blocker. He can make blocks on the second level.
Cons: Struggles in pass protection due to lacking feet and poor base. Doesnít get good pop in the run game.
NFL Forecast: Heís a better run blocker than pass protector, but heís not great in either area. He has enough ability to be a quality backup in the NFL. If he starts, heíll only be marginal. He really needs to improve his technique, and despite not having monstrous size, he could use some weight loss. Bottom line is that he was an above average college starter most days, which equates to be an average NFL backup.
Value: Should be able to boost depth, but lacks high upside to be anything more than a seventh round pick.


Rodney Reed

(6'4" 285 5.14) LSU Senior

Pros: Shows good ability as an in-line run blocker. Has some mobility and can to the second level and make blocks.
Cons: Doesn't have great size or strength. His feet are only adequate for a guard and he will tend to overextend in pass protection. Plays with poor base.
NFL Forecast: Plays tackle, so that helps him since he has experience blocking on an island with quick edge rushers. He's very limited however as a tackle, so he'll make the move to guard. Needs to add strength. Right now, he's more an effort type. Has some upside, but probably will never be more than a backup player.
Value: Too much of a work in progress to merit a draft selection, but could be a training camp sleeper.

Lamar Bryant

(6'2" 300 5.21) Maryland Senior

Pros: Good drive blocker. Has some ability to make blocks on the second level. Has pretty good feet for pass protection.
Cons: Doesn't get good pop in the run game. Looks uncomfortable in space. Doesn't get good base and will overextend in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: If he showed more pop in the run game, he'd have a shot at being a backup guard. He's not a bad player, but he's limited and will struggle to make it at the next level. He has some nice skills to develop, but I don't see him sticking long term.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. Definitely worth a shot in camp, but there are more polished guards out there.

Chavis Smith

(6'2" 337 5.33) Tennessee Senior

Pros: Shows good ability on pulls and traps in the run game. Has nice pop as a run blocker. Has good hand use and can shield defenders away.
Cons: A liability in space and susceptible to quick pass rushers. Has poor feet for pass protection. Not a dominant in-line run blocker.
NFL Forecast: He has some ability, and is a capable collegiate guard, but is nothing special. He does his job, but he wonít ever be anything more than a backup on the next level if at all. His size and strength should intrigue NFL coaches, but heís a bit of a project. Has some upside, but doesnít have the great athletic ability you look for in the projects of his size.
Value: Has some ability to become a backup, but not much more.

Brian Kilkenny

(6'4" 300 5.31) Oregon State Senior

Pros: Has good upside as a run blocker and has the ability to be a good drive blocker.
Cons: Doesn't get good base in pass protection and has poor feet against pass rushers. Lacks athleticism, strength, and mobility.
NFL Forecast: He's overmatched on the outside, but could have a good future as a backup guard in the NFL. Lacks upside to be a starter. He's a marginal prospect that was an average college guard which means that he'll be a high slope ahead of him to stick in the NFL.
Value: Good enough in college to get a camp invite, but only an undrafted prospect.

William Henry

(6'4" 282 5.10) Clemson Senior

Pros: Has above average feet and quickness and blocks with pretty good technique. Has some mobility to block downfield and shows he is effective in space.
Cons: Lacks strength and size and gets poor base. Can be overpowered even by smaller ends and susceptible to a quick first step. Has poor hand use and doesnít do a good job shielding away defenders. Lacks pop in the run game.
NFL Forecast: He played left tackle at Clemson, but will need to move inside at the next level. He has the feet to play tackle, but in order to stick there he needs to add strength. He needs to do that to stick at guard as well. He can be a capable player on a team with a scheme that utilizes a lot of traps and pulls. But he's not a capable in-line blocker and is a liability when left on an island. Could be a decent reserve at either guard or tackle, but won't stick in NFL unless he adds muscle.
Value: Undrafted. Has some talent, but too much of a project due to physical limitations.

Jason Lenzmeier

(6'5" 314 5.62) New Mexico Senior

Pros: Has decent feet and is a natural knee bender. Also shows some mobility to block on the second level.
Cons: Struggles in pass protection when blocking on an island. Doesn't get good base, and doesn't have good hand use. Doesn't redirect pass rushers and has troubles with speed rushers.
NFL Forecast: Plays tackle for the Lobos, but he's going to have to move inside in the NFL. He doesn't show enough as a run blocker or pass protector to really be considered for the outside and his feet aren't good enough to play tackle. Is basically a marginal prospect that needs to get stronger. Until then, he's a camp body at best
Value: Undrafted. Limited when he projects to the NFL.

Frank Smith

(6'2" 293 5.05) Miami of Ohio Senior

Pros: Has good strength. Good drive blocker that gets good pop in the run game and finishes blocks.
Cons: Has poor feet, balance, and technique. Doesn't get good explosion off line and can be bull-rushed.
NFL Forecast: Smith is a limited prospect that could get looks by NFL teams because he can get the job done in the run game. But he's too deficient a pass protector and not a dominant enough run blocker to have a future on the next level. An above average college guard makes him a NFL camp body. He has good strength, but lacking size so he could bulk up some which should help his NFL prospects, but he'd still be a longshot.
Value: Undrafted. A good enough run blocker to get a camp invite.

David Lose

(6'1" 321 5.52) Oregon State Senior

Pros: Has nice mobility and can get on the second level and make blocks downfield.
Cons: Lacks pop in the run game and will miss assignments. Slow to set up in pass protection. Poor base and lacks strength.
NFL Forecast: He struggles, but he looks like his mobility may give him a shot at the NFL. But he's not anything special as either a run or pass blocker. He's basically a borderline prospect that was good enough in college to have somewhat of a minimal shot at sticking the NFL.
Value: Undrafted. A very marginal prospect that might be able to challenge for a backup job, but doubtful.

Nick Zuniga

(6'2" 290 5.35) North Texas Senior

Pros: Shows some pop and strength in the run game. Does a good job at getting his hands on defenders and can be a decent drive blocker. Finishes blocks.
Cons: Lacks balance and doesn't use his strength and power. Can be bull-rushed in pass protection and lacks quickness.
NFL Forecast: He's a tough and fiesty interior scrapper, but he's too inconsistent and physically limited to make an impact on the next level as anything more than a marginal reserve. Will have to impress teams with his work ethic
Value: Undrafted. Decent player, but too limited.

Jacob Gibson

(6'4" 306 5.25) Virginia Tech Senior

Pros: Shows good ability to drive down the field, and is good on the second level.
Cons: Lacks pop as a blocker and can easily be bull-rushed. Plays with poor balance in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: He's tough and scrappy, but limited physically. Has a shot to go to an NFL camp, but has little shot of making a roster. A team is really going to have to like his work ethic and mobility to keep him on a roster.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. Marginal prospect that was a good enough college guard to get a camp invite.

Mark Wilson

(6'7" 317 5.49) California Senior

Pros: Has good strength and is a good run blocker. Uses hands well to shield defenders.
Cons: He has poor feet. Slow into stance and struggles against speed rushers. Lacks pop in the run game.
NFL Forecast: He projects as a guard on the next level. He could develop into a nice mauler-type on the interior, but lacks upside and ability to stick outisde. He's a better run blocker than pass protector, although his abilities in the run game are nothing special. At best, he could be a decent backup for a few years.
Value: Worth a look in camp, but he's only one-dimensional and likely won't develop another dimension.


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