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Third Round

Nate Kaeding

(6' 187 4.86) Iowa Senior

Pros: Has strong leg. Consistent field goal kicker that rarely misses. He is also good kickoff guy.
Cons: Only flaw is that he doesn't kick it out of the back of the endzone.
NFL Forecast: Kaeding is about as accurate a kicker as anybody has seen in recent years. Coupled with his superb leg strength, he is a top prospect. He should become a top kicker in the NFL with the perfect combination of accuracy and leg strength. Rarely do collegiate kickers come along that look like they can rank among the league's best as kickoff guys and field goal kickers, but Kaeding breaks the mold.
Value: Super accurate and strong leg make him an elite kicker prospect that merits a look late on the first day.

Fourth Round


Fifth Round


Sixth Round


Seventh Round

Billy Bennett

(5'6" 174 4.71) Georgia Senior

Pros: Accurate and consistent kicker. Has the leg strength to drive the ball back within the five on his kickoffs. Even will make open field tackles.
Cons: Doesn't have overly powerful leg.
NFL Forecast: He doesn't wow you with his leg strength, but his accuracy and consistency in college should merit looks on the next level. He's left-footed.
Value: Accuracy and consistency push him into the seventh round.


Nick Browne

(5'8" 172 4.76) Texas Christian Senior

Pros: Is pretty accurate on his field goals and has decent leg strength.
Cons: His kickoffs are short and his leg strength is nothing to write home about.
NFL Forecast: Might be able to make it in the NFL if he can prove to be an effective field goal kicker since his leg strength won't allow him to stick on kickoffs. He's a long shot to make an NFL roster since most teams like young kickers that are both good on field goals and kickoffs. But teams do prioritize that a field goal guy is more important than a kickoff guy, so he does have a shot.
NFL Comparison: Matt Stover, Ravens.
Value: With a stronger leg, he'd still probably only be an undrafted prospect.


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