2004 NFL Draft Preview

by Aaron Freeman

Welcome to my 2004 Draft Preview. Here is where I will have my evaluations of over 200 prospects for this year's upcoming draft. I don't claim to be an expert like some of the other draft-niks out there. This is a perspective by a fan for the fans. But I like to think that I've gotten pretty good over the last four years of doing this. Players are ranked based off value, not when I think the player will be selected. I have evaluations for most of the top prospects and many lesser known prospects, but I do not evaluate everyone you will see at other sites. That's most likely because I did not get enough sufficient tape to evaluate the player. Most of the evaluations come off a single tape, which was the players' bowl game.

Prospects by Position
Defensive Ends
Running Backs
Defensive Tackles
Outside Linebackers
Wide Receivers
Inside Linebackers
Tight Ends
Offensive Tackles

    Top 150 Prospects

  1. Eli Manning, QB, Mississippi
  2. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh
  3. Robert Gallery, OT, Iowa
  4. Kellen Winslow, TE, Miami
  5. Will Smith, DE, Ohio State
  6. Mike Williams, WR, Southern California
  7. DeAngelo Hall, CB, Virginia Tech
  8. Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech
  9. Sean Taylor, FS, Miami
  10. Derrick Strait, CB, Oklahoma
  11. Roy Williams, WR, Texas
  12. Rashaun Woods, WR, Oklahoma State*
  13. Shawn Andrews, OT, Arkansas
  14. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami of Ohio
  15. Reggie Williams, WR, Washington*
  16. Kenechi Udeze, DE, Southern California
  17. Tommie Harris, DT, Oklahoma
  18. Steven Jackson, RB, Oregon State
  19. Jonathan Vilma, MLB, Miami
  20. Vince Wilfork, DT, Miami
  21. Chris Gamble, CB, Ohio State
  22. Ben Troupe, TE, Florida
  23. D.J. Williams, OLB, Miami
  24. Marquise Hill, DE/DT, LSU
  25. Mike Clayton, WR, LSU
  26. Marcus Tubbs, DT, Texas
  27. Will Poole, CB, Southern California
  28. Randy Starks, DT, Maryland
  29. Dontarrious Thomas, OLB, Auburn
  30. Lee Evans, WR, Wisconsin
  31. Jacob Rogers, OT, Southern California
  32. Dwan Edwards, DT, Oregon State
  33. Greg Brooks, CB, Southern Mississippi
  34. Rod Davis, MLB, Southern Mississippi
  35. Teddy Lehman, OLB, Oklahoma
  36. Richard Seigler, ILB, Oregon State
  37. Chris Perry, RB, Michigan
  38. Ahmad Carroll, CB, Arkansas
  39. Darnell Dockett, DT, Florida State*
  40. Ben Hartsock, TE, Ohio State
  41. Michael Jenkins, WR, Ohio State
  42. Vernon Carey, G/T, Miami
  43. Karlos Dansby, OLB, Auburn
  44. Jake Grove, C, Virginia Tech
  45. Ben Watson, TE, Georgia
  46. Matthias Askew, DT, Michigan State
  47. Sean Jones, SS, Georgia
  48. Bobby McCray, DE, Florida
  49. Keary Colbert, WR, Southern California
  50. Philip Rivers, QB, N.C. State
  51. Chad Lavalais, DT, LSU
  52. Devery Henderson, WR, LSU
  53. Nathan Vasher, CB, Texas
  54. Samie Parker, WR, Oregon
  55. Jeremy LeSueur, CB, Michigan
  56. Dave Ball, DE, UCLA
  57. Tim Anderson, DT, Ohio State
  58. Rodney Leisle, DT, UCLA
  59. Igor Olshansky, DT, Oregon
  60. Devard Darling,WR, Washington State
  61. Derrick Hamilton, WR, Clemson
  62. Shane Olivea, G/T, Ohio State
  63. Bob Sanders, SS, Iowa
  64. Max Starks, OT, Florida
  65. John Navarre, QB, Michigan
  66. Alex Stepanovich, C/G, Ohio State
  67. Matt Schaub, QB, Virginia
  68. DeMarco McNeil, DT, Auburn
  69. Alex Lewis, OLB, Wisconsin
  70. Carlos Joseph, OT, Miami
  71. Madieu Williams, FS, Maryland
  72. Nate Kaeding,K, Iowa
  73. Travis Laboy, DE, Hawaii*
  74. Darrion Scott, DE/DT, Ohio State
  75. Demorrio Williams, OLB, Nebraska
  76. Bo Schobel, DE, Texas Christian
  77. Isaac Sopoaga, DT, Hawaii
  78. Matt Ware, CB/FS, UCLA
  79. Troy Fleming,FB, Tennessee
  80. Brandon Everage, FS, Oklahoma
  81. James Newson, WR, Oregon State
  82. J.P. Losman, QB, Tulane*
  83. Keiwan Ratliff, CB, Florida
  84. Arnold Parker, FS, Utah
  85. Donnell Washington, DT, Clemson
  86. Brandon Kennedy, DT, North Texas
  87. Ran Carthon, RB, Florida
  88. Kris Wilson, TE, Pittsburgh
  89. Cedric Cobbs, RB, Arkansas
  90. Adrien Clarke, G, Ohio State
  91. Nathaniel Adibi, DE, Virginia Tech
  92. Etric Pruitt, FS, Southern Mississippi
  93. Kelly Butler, OT, Purdue
  94. Tim Euhus, TE, Oregon State
  95. Stuart Schweigert, FS, Purdue
  96. Claude Harriott, DE, Pittsburgh
  97. Stephen Peterman, G, LSU
  98. Tony Pape, G/T, Michigan
  99. Reggie Torbor, DE/OLB, Auburn
  100. Will Allen, SS, Ohio State
  101. Shaun Phillips, DE/OLB, Purdue
  102. Andrew Shull, DE, Kansas State
  103. Keith Lewis, FS, Oregon
  104. Ernest Wilford, WR, Virginia Tech
  105. Maurice Clarett, RB, Ohio State
  106. Junior Siavii, DT, Oregon
  107. Thomas Tapeh, FB, Minnesota
  108. Jason Peters, TE/OT, Arkansas
  109. Nick Leckey, C, Kansas State
  110. Brandon Miree, RB, Pittsburgh
  111. Guss Scott, FS, Florida
  112. Fred Russell, RB, Iowa
  113. Chad Pugh, DT, Texas Christian
  114. Spencer Johnson, DT, Auburn
  115. Leon Joe, ILB, Maryland
  116. Adrian Jones, OT, Kansas
  117. Josh Buhl, OLB, Kansas State
  118. Vegas Robinson, ILB, Virginia Tech
  119. Craig Krenzel, QB, Ohio State
  120. Gibril Wilson, FS, Tennessee
  121. Kevin Youngblood, WR, Clemson
  122. Casey Clausen, QB, Tennessee
  123. John Leake, ILB, Clemson
  124. Bruce Thornton, CB, Georgia
  125. Bryan Hickman, OLB, Kansas State
  126. Shannon Snell, G, Florida
  127. Anthony Herrera, G, Tennessee
  128. Sean Locklear, G, N.C. State
  129. A.J. Ricker, C, Missouri
  130. Larry Stevens, DE/OLB, Michigan
  131. Matt Mauck, QB, LSU
  132. Ronnie Ghent, TE, Louisville
  133. Bernard Berrian, WR, Fresno State
  134. John Standeford, WR, Purdue
  135. Marcell Almond, CB, Southern California
  136. Omar Nazel, DE/OLB, Southern California
  137. Caleb Miller, ILB, Arkansas
  138. Shawntae Spencer, CB, Pittsburgh
  139. Randy Jordan, CB, Kansas State
  140. Nick Hardwick, C, Purdue
  141. Scott Wells, C, Tennessee
  142. Craig Terrill, DT, Purdue
  143. Jerricho Cotchery, WR, N.C. State
  144. Keith Willis, TE, Virginia Tech
  145. James Terry, WR, Kansas State
  146. Rashad Washington, SS, Kansas State
  147. Curome Cox, CB, Maryland
  148. Brandon Johnson, FB, Auburn
  149. Kevin Mitchell, OLB, Oregon
  150. Bruce Perry, RB, Maryland

* player does not appear in this preview.

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