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Fourth Round

Troy Fleming

(6' 227 4.48) Tennessee Senior

Pros: Has good speed and shows good power as a runner. Does well running between the tackles. Has good hands and is a reliable receiver out of the backfield. Shows good presence in blitz pickup and pass protection.
Cons: Doesn't have great speed, and won't be effective getting outside. Lacking power and pop as a lead blocker.
NFL Forecast: He is basically a slow running back, since he's not a great blocker. He's effective, but he'll never be more than an average finesse guy at the next level. But he has good upside otherwise, since he can be a good offensive threat due to his running and receiving skills. I think he could work really well in a West Coast offense. He also will be a capable guy on third downs since unlike most college prospects, he already knows how to pass protect, although he still needs work there. He should become a quality starter in the NFL, but wil need to be replaced when the situation calls for a powerful lead blocker.
NFL Comparison: Fred Beasley, 49ers.
Value: He's worth a fourth round pick because he has good upside, although he's not worth more because of his blocking.

Fifth Round

Thomas Tapeh

(6'1" 239 4.73) Minnesota Senior

Pros: Has good speed and burst to the hole as a runner. Shows good ability to be a short-yardage runner on the next level. Has good strength and power as an inside runner. Has good hands and a feel for the passing game.
Cons: Very raw as a blocker. Will outrun blocks and lacks control. Seems to be going through the motions rather than actually trying to go out there and open holes. Runs too upright and lacks quickness to make tacklers miss.
NFL Forecast: Tapeh is a project at fullback at this point. He'll get more looks at tailback, and that ultimately may be his position in the NFL much like Najeh Davenport. But he could develop some as a blocker, but one should never expect him to be a good blocker. Has good offensive potential to contribute as a receiver and short-yardage runner, but will never be an Alstott-type runner at the fullback position. Unless he really improves his blocking, he'll only be a situational player in the NFL. His best bet to start on the next level would go to a West Coast team that would try to use him as a Fred Beasley or Larry Centers-type player.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Fifth Round. Because he doesn't look like a starter at this point, he's only a borderline late round prospect.

Sixth Round

Brandon Johnson

(5'11" 228 4.62) Auburn Senior

Pros: Gets out to block quickly and can be a punishing and physical lead blocker. Shows ability in passing game and has adequate hands. Is solid in pass protection. Plays at 100 mph.
Cons: A straight-line blocker that has trouble adjusting because he plays so fast. Not much of a factor as a runner.
NFL Forecast: Johnson will likely be a solid fullback on the next level since he is a physical lead blocker and a capable contributor in the passing game. His lack of size may hurt him in the eyes of some, but he makes up for it with his punishing style of blocking. He needs some more polish, but he's the type of guy you want in front of you in goalline situations. He has potential to contribute as a runner because he has good burst and speed, although he'd never be more than a short-yardage guy.
Value: Sixth round. Would be worth a late sixth for a team that is looking to develop a physical lead blocker.

Lousaka Polite

(6' 246 4.68) Pittsburgh Senior

Pros: Is a physical lead blocker and powerful inside runner. Has soft hands and can be an effective receiver.
Cons: Whiffs too much on his blocks and will block the run people. Not a great runner and lacks speed.
NFL Forecast: He has much room to grow as a blocker, but he's physical. He just needs more experience and awareness. He plays more like he's looking to make the highlight reel rather than making the smart blocks. He's a capable runner and receiver that can contribute in the offense, but won't be a weapon there. He has good upside and if he becomes a smarter blocker, he'll be a quality starting NFL fullback. He never will rank among the elite guys in the league, but a capable guy.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Has nice upside, which pushes him from a seventh round player into the sixth round.

Seventh Round

Travis Wilson

(6'3" 256 4.85) Kansas State Senior

Pros: Solid lead blocker that does a good job completing his assignments. Is adequate in pass protection. Has good strength and power.
Cons: Lacks much ability as a runner or receiver. Could be more physical and sometimes has difficulty staying on his feet.
NFL Forecast: He looks like a prospect that will be a capable NFL starter if teams only want him to block, and ask little else from him offensively. Doesnít have a lot of upside on offense, but might be a reliable enough receiver to catch 10-15 passes per season. Heís a decent NFL prospect and is a capable lead blocker, but offers little else.
Value: Worth a look in the seventh round for a team that wants a physical lead blocker.

Edgar Cervantes

(6'1" 250 4.96) Iowa Senior

Pros: Has good hands and runs hard upfield. Shows he can be a powerful inside runner. Has tough mentality and physical attitude on the field as a lead blocker.
Cons: Despite toughness, sometimes blocks more like a lamb than lion. Will whiff on blocks.
NFL Forecast: Cervantes deserves a shot at developing in the NFL. His abilities in the passing game will help him stick at the next level. He still needs more polish as a lead blocker, although he definitely has the foundations to be pretty solid in that area. I'm not sure he's ever going to be starter material, but he should be good enough to stick as a backup. He has shown that he can be effective on special teams as well.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Seventh Round. His abilities on special teams give him enough to merit a late round pick.

Kase Luzar

(6'1" 235 4.85) Virginia Senior

Pros: Is a capable lead blocker that has decent hands and can be an effective receiver out of the backfield. Is physical and will deliver hits to linebackers. He usually performs his assignments well.
Cons: Doesn't do much as a runner. Tends to get too high as a blocker.
NFL Forecast: Has good versatility since he looks like he could be an effective H-back and fullback depending on the system. His hands are not great, but they are decent enough to be a respectable receiving target. He's not a dominant lead blocker, but has good strength and power with a finesse mentality to the position. A solid guy that can fill a niche as a backup.
NFL Comparison: Jim Kleinsasser, Vikings
Value: Lacks huge upside, but his range to play two positions allows him to sneak into the seventh round.


Chad Jasmin

(5'10" 220 4.71) Clemson Senior

Pros: Shows good ability as an inside runner and good burst through the hole. Most effective on draws and delays and has good speed as a north-south runner. Runs with good power and low center of gravity.
Cons: Lacks speed and shiftiness to get outside. Very lacking blocker in both run and passing games, and doesnít show a lot of ability as a receiver.
NFL Forecast: Although heís being dubbed as a fullback, I donít see him sticking there. He doesnít have great size for the position, nor is he a capable lead blocker. He looks more like a situational runner that can be effective in short-yardage situations. Could make a decent reserve player on the next level, but heís basically a niche player that needs to improve his game all around.
Value: He goes undrafted because he's a short-yardage guy, but there are much better values out there.

Moe Fofana

(5'10" 253 4.94) West Virginia Senior

Pros: Blocks with good power.
Cons: Slow to get up field and whiff on some blocks. Little experience as a runner or receiver.
NFL Forecast: He's the type of blocker that can cream a defensive lineman, but he's too slow. He looks more like a tight end in the speed department than a fullback. Might stick on the next level because of his ability to work in short-yardage and goalline situations, but he'll be a situational blocker at best.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. He lacks upside and at best will only be a niche guy used a few downs per game.

Doug Easlick

(5'11" 240 4.65) Virginia Tech Senior

Pros: Is a competent lead blocker that has good power. Is smart and makes the key blocks that springs his runners. Proven to be an effective receiver out of the backfield.
Cons: Not an overwhelming blocker. Is not much of a threat as a runner.
NFL Forecast: He can offer a little bit as a runner and receiver, but he's not going to be much more than a blocker on the next level. He'll also contribute on special teams, but at best he's only going to be a backup fullback. He's just too much of a finesse blocker. He can be valuable on many teams that prefer a lead blocker to anything, but lacks the range and power you like.
NFL Comparison:


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