First Round

DeAngelo Hall

(5'11" 197 4.35) Virginia Tech Junior

Pros: Has great speed and athleticism. Has nice hips and looks like a future shutdown corner. Plays well in zone coverage as well. Very willing run stopper and loves to come up and deliver hits. Excellent punt returner and can even contribute as a receiver on offense. Breaks hard and quickly on the football.
Cons: Needs to a better job adjusting to the ball when in the air. Not a sound tackler. Sometimes give his opponents too much cushion.
NFL Forecast: He projects well both for man coverage and zone coverage, which is a big plus since most college corners only play well in one or the other. He's still a bit raw however, since he is getting by mostly on his superb athleticism. But he definitely has the potential to be a top shutdown guy. His ability to make plays on special teams and also contribute somewhat on offense are an added bonus for the NFL team that gets him. Although he's doubtful to get many reps on offense, he might be good for 3-5 plays that a savvy offensive coordinator can draw up. He's not a complete shutdown guy yet, but he plays well and tight and rarely gives up the big play. As he learns to refine his natural skills better he should develop into a top cornerback.
NFL Comparison: Deion Sanders.
Value: His athleticism pushes him into the Top 10, although his skills only merit Top 15 or 20 attention.

Derrick Strait

(5'11" 198 4.54) Oklahoma Senior

Pros: Has great speed and shows top skills in man coverage. Shows good ability in run support. Has good hips and backpedal and can mirror receivers.
Cons: Isn't too physical, and not really the type you want matched up in the open field with a running back.
NFL Forecast: He's a smart cornerback that can immediately enter the league and make a big impact. Within a year or two, he should be a shutdown-caliber guy. I think he projects well for man coverage, although most others pigeon-hole him as a zone guy. He has good hips, speed, footwork, and instincts which are what you need to be a good cover man in man coverage. He has the potential to be a top corner, althoguh he's not the most special corner I've seen in recent years.
NFL Comparison: Antoine Winfield, Vikings.
Value: A good cornerback that is definitely NFL ready and is worth of a Top 10 or 15 selection.

Chris Gamble

(6'1" 196 4.53) Ohio State Sophomore

Pros: Has good speed and has good feet and hips. Has size and strength you like for matchups and is willing to make plays in run support and can jam receivers at the line. Has good hands and plays the ball like a wide receiver. Does a good job anticipating throws and jumping routes.
Cons: Plays too much with his guts rather than his head. Plays with poor technique and gambles way too much. Peeks in the backfield too often.
NFL Forecast: Athletically speaking, very few cornerbacks come in Gambleís class. His problem stems from the fact that he loafs it as a corner. NFL receivers will eat him alive unless he starts to play with better technique and pays more attention to the little things. He can play in press coverage due to size and strength and be good there, but heís not particularly physical and plays softer than he should. He can also get reps on offense, but thatís not where his future is. His upside is through the roof, but he needs to start playing much more disciplined, or else he could be a major bust. Any team that drafts him better have a lot of faith in their coaching staff.
Value: Athleticism and ability to make plays keeps him in the first round. In that area, he would be a Top 5 player, but his negatives would make him a reach in the Top 25.

Will Poole

(5'10" 193 4.55) Southern California Senior

Pros: Is a physical corner that works best in press coverage. Has good backpedal and fluid hips. Willing in run support and capable of blitzing off the edge.
Cons: Doesn't possess great catchup speed and if he misses the jam, he'll struggle. Doesn't break well on the ball out of his turns.
NFL Forecast: He's a good cover man, but he needs more work before he becomes a top shutdown guy. In fact, I don't think he'll ever be one, but he should turn into a top No. 2 corner. He is physical and plays bigger than his size measurements, but he lacks quickness and speed and that hurts him. Would be best in press-heavy scheme until he develops more. He's not going to give up a lot of big plays, but until he improves, he's not the type of guy you want covering opposing wideouts on pivotal third downs since he likely won't make the stop. Impressed me when he struggled at his pro day. He wasn't 100%, but showed great commitment to competing.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Until workout, he was a borderline first round prospect, but now solidified himself in the first round.

Second Round

Greg Brooks

(5'10" 173 4.54) Southern Mississippi Senior

Pros: Can come off the corner on a blitz. Good speed. Willing in run support. Can play in press coverage.
Cons: Lack of size and strength can cause match-up problems. Not a very physical player.
NFL Forecast: He is a potential shut-down corner that has good hips and feet for the cornerback spot. But his lack of size is his most major deficiency. Although he can be effective in press coverage, he's not the ideal guy that you want to get a jam on a receiver. He has good skills for man coverage. I'm not sure if he's going to be a #1 corner, but he should make a very good #2 corner in the NFL.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Second round. A solid corner that if he was three inches taller would be a Top 25 pick.

Ahmad Carroll

(5'10" 195 4.38) Arkansas Junior

Pros: Has good backpedal and transition into his breaks. Is comfortable playing press coverage. Physical with wideouts and decent in run support.
Cons: Has difficulty locating the ball in the air. Not very willing to mix it up in run support, since he's not as physical in that area.
NFL Forecast: He shows good upside in man coverage, but right now he's limited. He needs to get the jam to be most effective, and if not he can be beat. He should develop into a solid starting corner, but needs to play in a scheme that prefers their corners to jam more than play off the line of scrimmage. Right now, it looks like he won't be a #1 shutdown corner, but could eventually develop into a solid #2 guy.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Assuming the team likes to play press coverage, he'd make a good addition in the latter part of the second round. Otherwise, he's only worth a third round pick.

Third Round

Nathan Vasher

(5'10" 179 4.51) Texas Senior

Pros: Has good speed and is a capable return threat. Has good ball skills and anticipation and can read quarterbacks. Shows some willingness to make hits in run support.
Cons: Lacking in run support and is more timid than willing. Doesn't have fluid hips or great speed out of his breaks and transitions. Needs work on his backpedal. Keys on quarterback too much and will let receiver get behind him.
NFL Forecast: You can definitely see Vasher's potential due to his speed and ball skills, and he was a very productive corner at Texas that didn't give up a lot of big plays, but he won't find the same success early on in his NFL career. Has quite a bit of growing to do and needs to play more disciplined and work on his technique. He has the potential to be a quality shutdown corner, but unlikely to develop that far. Should be either a capable starter as a No. 2 or at least a good nickel corner that gets things done on special teams.
Value: Has first round potential, but lack of polish drops him into late second round or early third round.

Jeremy LeSueur

(6' 197 4.55) Michigan Senior

Pros: Is willing and capable in run support. Good in press coverage.
Cons: Will miss some open field tackles. Doesn't have great feet or hips.
NFL Forecast: He's a bit of a tweener. He can play cornerback on the next level, but he would not be that good. At best, he'd be a nickel cornerback. He could play safety as well. He would make a quality cover safety as a starter. At cornerback, he's just basically a liability. At safety, he could be a much more impact player. His experience lining up against wideouts will help him a lot since he'll be able to cover guys in the slot. He's a bit undersized for the safety spot and would help himself a lot if he put on 5-10 pounds of muscle. Won't be a star safety, but could develop into an above average starter.
NFL Comparison:
Value: He's a tweener that could be worth a third if a team was sure they wanted him to be a safety, but as a corner would only be worth a fifth.

Fourth Round

Keiwan Ratliff

(5'11" 193 4.60) Florida Senior

Pros: Has nice backpedal and good speed. He has closes quickly on the ball and does a good job finding it in the air. Is willing in run support.
Cons: Lacks size and can't match up with bigger weideouts. He has below average hips.
NFL Forecast: I really can't see him being more than a nickel corner. He has good abilities in man coverage, but he's nowhere close to a shutdown guy. He plays hard, but he's limited physically. Should make a good nickel guy but would be a marginal starter. You have to like his consistency, but he doesn't project well to the NFL level. The type of overachieving backup you like to have, but if he was a starter, he'd struggle.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Fourth Round. Helps depth, but that's about it.

Fifth Round

Bruce Thornton

(5'10" 197 4.45) Georgia Senior

Pros: Has nice speed and above average hips to turn and run with wideouts. Willing in run support and more physical than size merits.
Cons: Doesn't get good drops and his backpedal needs work. Doesn't show great burst to the football out of breaks and transitions.
NFL Forecast: He is good in man coverage, but he's not a shutdown guy. More the type that is not going to give up big plays rather than the type that is going to lock opponents down. Could potentially develop into a capable No. 2 cornerback but mostly a nickel guy. He should be expected to contribute on special teams as well.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Fifth round. Doesn't have huge upside, but should be a good pro player.

Marcell Almond

(6'1" 201 4.51) Southern California Senior

Pros: Has good size and capable in press coverage. Can blitz off the corner. Willing in run support.
Cons: Doesn't have great feet or hips and can get turned around easily.
NFL Forecast: Almond is a decent cover man, but he's nothing special. He'll be a nickel guy at best on the next level. But he should be a quality nickel corner on th next level. He has a future to be a quality special teams guy, but he'd be a liability as a starter. He's not tested a whole lot in college, but he doesn't have the skills to be a capable guy in the NFL. A quality reserve pickup that adds some size to any unit, but nothing special.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Fifth Round. Should help depth a lot, but that's all you can expect out of him.

Sixth Round

Randy Jordan

(6'1" 180 4.61) Kansas State Senior

Pros: Willing in run support and plays the ball well in the air. Has good backpedal and the size to match up with most wideouts.
Cons: Struggles in and out of his breaks and can bite on playfakes. Struggles in zone coverage. Not as physical as you expect for someone with his size and could add some muscle.
NFL Forecast: Jordan is a solid play that plays best in man coverage, despite not having great hips or footwork. But he has upside to improve. He probably wonít be a starter, but he should be a decent nickel corner on the next level. Has nice upside, but is not close to a shutdown corner in college, so he definitely wonít be one in the pros.
Value: His size and potential as an effective guy in man coverage are good enough that he could sneak into the fifth round.

Shawntae Spencer

(6' 176 4.49) Pittsburgh Senior

Pros: Has good size and can match up with most wideouts. Has nice backpedal and enough speed to cover his mistakes. Is willing in run support. Has soft hands and plays the ball well in the air. Is a capable return man.
Cons: Is not very physical, and has slow hips which don't allow him to burst to the ball in transitions.
NFL Forecast:Has performed well in man coverage, but is not a shutdown guy. Has good upside to be a nice No. 2 cornerback, but needs more consistency. Can be an effective nickel guy on the next level and will also contribute on special teams. He's still too raw at this point however to be considered anything more than a nickel guy. He has the potential to be a starter, but has been an underachiever at college despite physical gifts which doesn't bode well for him.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Has potential in man coverage, but still too raw to go higher than the early sixth.

Curome Cox

(6' 200 4.57) Maryland Senior

Pros: Willing in run support. Is physical and will force receivers out of bounds on their routes. Capable in press covearge.
Cons: Doesn't have great transtions out of his breaks. Lacks quick feet and fluid hips.
NFL Forecast: He's a capable corner, but will probably need to work best in a system that uses a lot of press coverage. He's limited and won't ever be more than a nickel guy. He will add some size to any lineup and helps with matchups, but he's not great in man coverage, and may never be. A good depth guy, but that's about it.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Sixth Round. Limited, but a niche corner that helps depth.

Seventh Round

Kelvin Millhouse

(6'1" 208 4.41) Hawaii Senior

Pros: Has good size and strength to get the jam at the line of scrimmage. Gives good effort in run support. Shows good ability to locate the ball while it's in the air and has good hands and body control.
Cons: Is not a very physical player when it comes to stopping the run. Has poor hips and struggles when he doesn't get the jam since he doesn't have catchup speed.
NFL Forecast: Will have success in a scheme that uses a lot of press coverage, but will struggle when he has to play man coverage off the receiver. Because he's not very strong in run support, albeit capable, he doesn't have much of a future as a safety either. He'll probably only be a nickel cornerback at best. If he can turn into a safety, he could be a decent starter there, but he's a project.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Too much of a project to merit anything higher than seventh round selection.

Lawrence Richardson

(5'9" 194 4.61) Arkansas Senior

Pros: Has good speed to cover his mistakes. Willing contributor in run support.
Cons: Lacks size and strength can be somewhat of a liability in run support. Struggles changing directions and has poor hips and transitions.
NFL Forecast: He needs to play backed off the receiver, or else it will expose his poor hips and turns. He is a limited cornerback, but could contribute on the next level as a nickel guy. He's not going to be much of a starter because of his deficiencies, but has some ability and upside in man coverage.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Seventh round. Should only be added for a team looking to solidify their nickel spot.

Jabari Greer

(5'10" 178 4.42) Tennessee Senior

Pros: Likes to play in press coverage and physical for his size. Is decent in run support. He has good speed.
Cons: Doesnít have great hips or feet and his backpedal needs work. Needs to do a better job in transition. Despite physical nature, his lack of size presents match up problems.
NFL Forecast: Lacks the upside to be a starter, but has enough ability and plays well enough to get by as a reserve. I think he could potentially be a solid nickel corner, but heís too limited to be anything more. He needs more polish in man coverage. Is not a great cover man, but effective. Looks mostly like a decent No. 3 or 4 cornerback.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Can help depth, but that's all he'll ever be.


Randall Gay

(5'10" 185 4.33) LSU Senior

Pros: Can play in press coverage and has decent feet and quickness. Plays the ball well when it's in the air.
Cons: Doesn't have a good backpedal, and struggles to get the jam at the line of scrimmage because of his lack of size. Doesn't have great catchup speed either. Not very physical in run support.
NFL Forecast: He was used mostly as a third corner at LSU, and probably won't be more than a fourth guy in the NFL, if he sticks. Doesn't have a lot of upside, but could help some team's depth. Needs a lot of work on his technique and abilities. Will have to stick on special teams.
Value: Has some ability, but really too limited to merit a draft pick.

Johnny Lamar

(5'10" 180 4.51) Florida Senior

Pros: Solid in run support. Has good speed.
Cons: Has poor hips and has poor transitions.
NFL Forecast: Lamar struggles in man coverage, but he has good upside in zone coverage. He might be able to stick in the NFL as a backup, but he's a marginal nickel back prospect. He may have to make his living on special teams. But in the end, he doesn't really have lasting power in the NFL. If he was about 10 pounds heavier, he'd have a shot at sticking as a centerfielder at free safety, but right now a bit too small to play there.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. Worth a look, but he's no long-term solution at cornerback even for depth.

Josh Minkins

(5'9" 177 4.45) Louisville Senior

Pros: All-around corner that has nice feet and backpedal and some quickness and speed.
Cons: Lacks speed you would expect from a player his size. A bit slow in his turns and his hips could use some work. Tends to shy away from contact and is only marginal in run support.
NFL Forecast: At best, Minkins is going to be No. 4 cornerback unless he really improves. He's got some upside in man coverage, but is only capable of matching up with the weakest wideouts in the NFL at this point. If he's going to stick in the NFL, he's going to have to show a lot on special teams
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. He has really only marginal NFL skills, since he doesn't excel in any areas.

James Bethea

(5'9" 196 4.53) California Senior

Pros: Has nice catchup speed. Is willing to contribute in run support. Is a decent kickoff returner.
Cons: Lacks great hips and will bite on double moves. Is a bit unbalanced in his backpedal. Lacks size and is only an average tackler.
NFL Forecast: He's effective in man coverage on the college level, but it might not translate much in the NFL since his cover skills are only average. If he can excel on special teams, he might be able to stick in the league as a No. 4 corner, but doubtful if he will ever be more than that.
Value: Worth a look in camp to see if he can boost special teams, but little upside as a defensive player.

Roland Cola

(5'9" 175 4.61) Houston Senior

Pros: Has good speed and backpedal. Effective in zone coverage. Willing in run support and plays bigger than his size.
Cons: Lacks size that creates mismatches. Doesn't wrap up well. Lacks good hips and quickness, and he doesn't close on football well and is slow in transition.
NFL Forecast: He has some skills to develop more in man coverage, but he's better in the zone. His lack of size will hurt his chances as a starter, and his lack of ability in run support will hurt his chances as a nickel back. If he was about 2 inches taller and weighed 15 more pounds, he'd potentially make a good nickel back, but his lack of fluid hips and size makes him a longshot to make any NFL roster.
NFL Comparison:
Value: Undrafted. Worth bringing to camp to see if he can make a splash on special teams, but a marginal NFL prospect.

Julius Brown

(5'11" 185 4.58) Boise State Senior

Pros: Has some quickness and shows good burst to the ball at times. Effective in zone coverage where he can keep everything in front of him.
Cons: Inconsistent. Doesn't have great speed or fluidness in his mobility. He struggles in man coverage because he doesn't have great acceleration out of his turns. Not physical at all and ineffective in run support.
NFL Forecast: Brown may have been able to get the job done in college, but he has little ability or upside that projects to the NFL. He might get some looks in a training camp, but he's a marginal prospect at best.
Value: Didn't excel in college means he probably won't do much in NFL.


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