2003 Draft Analysis



Mat McBriar

6' 213 Hawaii (5.07) Junior

Pros: Has a strong leg and gets good hangtime and placement on his punts.
Cons: Could be better across the board.
NFL Forecast: McBriar does everything well, but he is not an extraordinary Ray Guy-type as a punter. Aussie that should make a good transition to the NFL much like Darren Bennett, the guy who got him into American football.
NFL Comparison: Darren Bennett, Chargers.
Value: Still learning the game and should improve as time passes. Definitely worth a fifth round pick.


Joey Huber

6'6" 246 Colorado State (4.96) Senior

Pros: Gets good placement and hangtime on his kicks.
Cons: Lacks superior leg strength.
NFL Forecast: He's a directional guy without a lot of leg strength. But that doesn't mean he won't be successful in the pros. He has the basic skills you want in a guy that will pin returners deep. Definitely has a shot at sticking in the league for some time.
Value: Would be worth a draft pick if his leg was stronger. But has a chance to unseat a veteran in training camp.

Damon Duval

6' 196 Auburn (4.90) Senior

Pros: Has a good leg and equally good as both a kicker and punter.
Cons: Leg is not strong enough to be a kickoff guy at the next level, and his punts are not the most accurate.
NFL Forecast: Duval is a good all-around guy with good leg strength and accuracy both as punter and kicker. But he doesn't excel anywhere, and his skills are basically good enough to get noticed. Could stick in the NFL either as punter or kicker.
Value: Definitely worth a look, but only an above average college specialist, which is equals a below average NFL prospect.

Nate Fikse

5'8" 196 UCLA (4.91) Senior

Pros: Has some potential as a punter.
Cons: Lacks good hang time on his punts. Lacks the leg you want in a kicker.
NFL Forecast: His senior year was his only year as a punter, but he projects there long-term. Leg is not strong or accurate enough on neither kickoffs nor field goals to play kicker in the league. I really see him sticking somewhere like the Arena Leagues.
Value: Worth a look in the summer, but a marginal camp body.

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