Offensive Tackles

2003 Draft Prospects



George Foster

6'5" 338 Georgia (5.21) Senior

Pros: Shows nice quickness in pass protection and uses hands well. Shows good athleticism. Is solid run blocker.
Cons: Does not have amazing quickness and is a little inconsistent.
NFL Forecast: Foster should be a solid right tackle on the next level. Heíll probably wonít be a great powerful mauler-type run blocker, but is good enough to get the job done. His pass protection skills are solid enough to be left on an island, but not really good enough to play on the left side. Has good upside. Was hurt by a wrist injury the entire season.
Value: Foster could get late first round consideration, but his inconsistency makes him only a second round pick.

Jon Stinchcomb

6'5" 302 Georgia (5.01) Senior

Pros: Has good feet and quickness as a pass protector. Athletic prospect.
Cons: Lacks strength and pop as a run blocker.
NFL Forecast: Stinchcomb should be a solid left tackle in the NFL. But he needs to bulk up because he lacks strength. Right now, he's a weight room guy that shows great strength off the field, but it disappears on the fied. Adding strength would really improve his overall game, but until he does that he can only be an average starter. If he gets stronger, he has the makings of being a top pass protector, although he may never more than an average or above average run blocker.
NFL Comparison: Matt Stinchcomb, Raiders.
Value: Stinchcomb is possibly worth a second round pick because of his upside, but is really a third round prospect.

Brett Williams

6'5" 321 Florida State (5.28) Senior

Pros: Solid pass protector that shows ability to be a good blindside protector.
Cons: Lacks mobility and is only an average run blocker.
NFL Forecast: Williams should have success in the NFL since he is capable of playing left tackle. But he lacks as a run blocker which can cause him to be a liability. Should be a starter, but may never live up to greatness because he is only a one-dimensional blocker.
NFL Comparison: John Tait.
Value: Williams is only worth a second round pick. His pass protection skills are good enough to merit late first round consideration, but his other skills bring him down a round.


Steve Sciullo

6'5" 330 Marshall (5.45) Senior

Pros: Solid in pass protection.
Cons: Lacks pop in run game.
NFL Forecast: Sciullo is built like a guard, and many teams will employ him at that position. I could see him sticking on the outside, since he lacks strength and pop as a run blocker. He's only average in that area. Did a good job protecting Byron Leftwich's blindside throughout his career at Marshall. Looks squat, so he could slim down a bit since that weight is not helping add power.
Value: As a guard, he's worth a fourth round pick, but as a tackle he's a third round prospect.


David Porter

6'6" 311 Iowa (5.32) Senior

Pros: Uses arms well and is a solid run blocker.
Cons: Inconsistent and struggles vs. speed rushers.
NFL Forecast: Porter is a solid prospect for the right tackle position. He does well enough in pass protection to be left on an island, but sometimes plays down to his competition. Has good upside to be one of the better right tackles in the league. Has the frame and build to be a star, but will be a test of his work ethic. Missed a lot of time early in college career due to ankle issues.
Value: Almost good enough to garner a first day selection, but a little too inconsistent. But still a solid fourth round prospect.

Ben Johnson

6'7" 329 Wisconsin (5.26) Senior

Pros: Is a solid run blocker that can dominate lesser opponents. Shows adequate enough feet to play right tackle in the NFL.
Cons: Feet are adequate, but still lacking quite a bit. Slow out of his blocks that makes him susceptible get a lot of false start penalties on the next level. Needs to use his arms and hands better as he allows defenders to get their arms and hands on him.
NFL Forecast: When I heard things about Johnson last year, I was expecting to see a Mike Williams-type dominator. But I was sorely disappointed. Johnson is a solid run blocker, but only dominates weak defenders. His feet are adequate enough to play right tackle in the NFL, but like former Badger Aaron Gibson, his long-term future may be on the inside. If he can learn to use his arms and hands better then he can stick on the outside. He has good upside, and could develop into a solid right tackle, but has a lot of room to improve before he could be more than a backup.
Value: Because of his upside, I would not be surprised to see Johnson go on the first day of the draft. He was a Top-5 tackle in most preseason rankings, so the talent is definitely there. But right now, I'd peg him as a fourth rounder because he still has a long ways to improve before he can contribute.


Kareem Marshall

6'5" 359 Georgia (5.42) Senior

Pros: Has great pop and strength as a run blocker. Has potential to play either guard or tackle.
Cons: Lacks feet to really be more than average pass protector. Struggles with speed rushers.
NFL Forecast: Marshall may move inside because he lacks great feet for the outside. But he is a dominant run blocker and could play tackle if a team puts much emphasis on run blocking. But would be best on the inside. I see Marshall being a solid backup for a year or two before he makes the move up to a starting position.
Value: Marshall would be worth a fourth round pick either as a guard or tackle. Has good upside.

Thomas Barnett

6'5" 316 Kansas State (5.23) Senior

Pros: Has good strength and decent feet. Uses hands well.
Cons: Struggles versus speed rushers and lacks technique.
NFL Forecast: Barnett will need to play on the right side because he struggles with speed rushers on the outside. Does a good job most of the time, but a bit too inconsistent. Should be an above average starter in the NFL, but still needs some more work.
Value: Has enough upside as a starter to get a look in the fifth round.


Gus Felder

6'3" 315 Penn State (5.50) Senior

Pros: Has good strength and can be functional on the right side.
Cons: Could get into better shape.
NFL Forecast: Felder may make the move inside to guard since he lacks the frame teams like at tackle. But he is a good run blocker and can handle himself in pass protection, so he could stick at tackle. Even at 315 he looks a little out of shape, so he could slim down even more which would push him closer to guard than tackle. Also has shown ability as a long snapper.
Value: A bit of a tweener and does not really excel enough anywhere to go higher than the sixth round.

Jeremy Bridges

6'4" 301 Southern Miss (5.42) Senior

Pros: Good strength and solid run blocker. Has athleticism.
Cons: Needs to improve his technique and is a waist bender.
NFL Forecast: Bridges projects well to the right side. He needs to improve his pass blocking skills since he is somewhat of a liability at this point. But has good potential since he'll make his money opening holes for runners. If he improves in pass protection, I could see him as a competent starter. But more likely he will end up as a top backup.
Value: Has good upside, but not there yet. He's just a sixth round prospect.


Mike Saffer

6'4" 305 UCLA (5.45) Senior

Pros: Solid run blocker that could move inside to guard.
Cons: Lacks feet to play left tackle. Does not have great pop.
NFL Forecast: Saffer is a tweener because he really does not fit at one particular position. I would not be surprised if his initial team tries him at either tackle or guard spots. I could see him developing into an all-purpose reserve. He probably won't be a starter, but would really do well to improve depth up front.
Value: He provides good depth and has slight upside so he is worth a look late in the seventh.

Corey Chambers

6'3" 285 Oregon (5.30) Senior

Pros: Has some strength and could move inside to guard.
Cons: Lacks size and pop.
NFL Forecast: You can see his potential. He has some strength, but he doesn't use it well. If he puts on muscle, he could be a solid player. If he sticks at tackle, it will probably be on the right side, since his feet are lacking. But he might move inside to guard, especially if he doesn't add any weight.
Value: Has good upside, but too much of a project to be picked higher than the seventh round.


Bryce Bohlander

6'5" 296 UCLA (5.57) Senior

Pros: Competent run blocker that has a future at guard.
Cons: Lacks feet to play outside and pop.
NFL Forecast: He is a finesse type at the tackle position, but it's doubtful he will stick there in the NFL. He lacks the feet to play left tackle and the power to play on the right side. His career prospects are as a backup at best. He's going to have impress early on with his work ethic if he wants to stick.
Value: Does not blow you away in any area. Enough skill to be get a shot in training camp.

Kyle Eaton

6'6" 275 Oklahoma State (5.15) Senior

Pros: Has average feet and is competent in both run blocking and pass protection.
Cons: Needs to add muscle.
NFL Forecast: Eaton is just average. Average all the way across the board. This means that he will be a backup at best. He could cause some damage if he puts on a lot of muscle since it will help him a lot. If so, he could stick as a backup left tackle on some team. Could potentially stick as a guard also.
Value: Too much of a project to get selected so he's an undrafted prospect.

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