Offensive Guards

2003 Draft Prospects



Vince Manuwai

6'2" 304 Hawaii (5.14) Senior

Pros: Has good strength and quickness. Has good technique and looks like an NFL guard already. Has nice pop and can get to the second level.
Cons: A little inconsistent since he doesn't always dominate like you want. Lacks experience as traditional in-line run blocker.
NFL Forecast: Manuwai's biggest drawback is that he has yet to prove that he can be the type of run blocker NFL teams want. At Hawaii, which under June Jones runs the Run N' Shoot offense, there are not many opportunities to clear holes. Manuwai shows good potential though as a run blocker because he has good pop at the line of scrimmage. As a pass blocker, he is excellent due to all the experience he gained at Hawaii. Can be left on an island and handles himself well against the best college competition. It will take half a season to adjust, but I believe Manuwai will instantly have a big impact on the league. He should be receiving Pro Bowl attention by year four or five of his career.
NFL Comparison: Randy Thomas, Redskins.
Value: Although typically guards do not go in the Top 10, Manuwai possibly could break that rule. He definitely is worth a Top 15 selection.

Eric Steinbach

6'6" 297 Iowa (4.87) Senior

Pros: Good strength and technique. Waist bender that can lock his hands onto you. Can potentially play tackle or guard.
Cons: Does not have great pop in run game. Doesnít have great feet to play on outside.
NFL Forecast: I donít really see Steinbach sticking long-term at tackle. He can play there, but he is best at guard where his skills will be better used against athletic tackles rather than ends. But his ability to play four of five line positions makes Steinbach an excellent value. Steinbach has played well against top talent. Steinbach has a good frame along with excellent combo of strength and quickness. His athleticism is off the charts and you expect him to be an elite tight end with some of the numbers he put up at the Combine: 36-inch vertical, 4.42 shuttle, etc. Steinbach probably has more upside than any other guard, or possibly lineman in recent drafts. He should be definitely in the Pro Bowl in the early part of his career.
Value: Should definitely be tabbed as a Top 15 prospect although I think he's a step below Manuwai.


Derrick Dockery

6'6" 347 Texas (5.35) Senior

Pros: Good mobility and quickness for a player his size. A load to defend against. Strong run blocker with nice feet.
Cons: Gets by in pass protection due to his sheer size rather than actual ability. Not a dominating blocker either.
NFL Forecast: Dockery is not the dominating force that Len Davis and Mike Williams were in the run game which allowed them to be Top 5 picks. Dockery is a solid guard that does most things well. His weight could be an issue, but I'm not sure it has been so far. Looks good as a run blocking guard. Size helps him in pass protection, since it's hard for most defensive tackles to get around him.
Value: Should get looks in the second round since he's as solid and probably a little more consistent than either Davis or Williams.

Torrin Tucker

6'6" 328 Southern Mississippi (5.31) Senior

Pros: Good upside as a run blocker with good strength and pop.
Cons: Has poor feet and balance and struggles in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: Tucker right now is a one-dimensional prospect. But he excels so much in run blocking that he projects well to the NFL. His pass protection skills are marginal, and he needs to develop in that area. Until he does, he is a liability. His strength is good although he doesn't overwhelm you in the weight room, he plays stronger on the field. He can be dominating in the run game due to his sheer size. Has nice wingspan and some athleticism. That gives him the skills that when he does develop in pass protection, he should be very solid there. Needs some work, but has great upside.
Value: Best run blocker in the class still needs work, but definitely worth an early second round pick.


Todd Williams

6'5" 340 Florida State (5.09) Senior

Pros: Athletic and powerful run blocker that can potentially play both guard and right tackle. Has big wingspan.
Cons: Lacks feet, mobility, and base to be more than average as a pass protector.
NFL Forecast: Williams has a bright future. He still needs work as a pass protector, but should be a solid starter. With tight end help, he could play right tackle for some teams, but wonít be able to block on an island. That's why he projects better to guard. Has potential to be a dominant run blocker on the interior and his limitations vs. the pass will be less evident. His weight should not become an issue since he is very solid for 340 pounds.
Value: Has good upside and range to play two positions which makes him a good value late on the first day.

Montrae Holland

6'2" 333 Florida State (5.20) Senior

Pros: Good feet and solid strength and base. Nice pop in the run game and uses hands well.
Cons: Can overextend at times and does not have great mobility to get to second level.
NFL Forecast: Holland has his weaknesses, but projects well to the NFL. He does not dominate as either a run or pass blocker, but has potential to excel at both on the next level. His strength is his best asset, although he does not always show it on the field. Not as developed in one particular area like the other top prospects, but better across the board. Holland should be a solid starter in the NFL.
Value: Should sneak in late in the third round. Good upside.


Kevin Breedlove

6'3" 318 Georgia (5.33) Senior

Pros: Technically sound blocker who is good in pass protection. Has good mobility.
Cons: Lacks strength and is only average run blocker. Struggles against bull rushers.
NFL Forecast: Breedlove needs to add strength because he can be overwhelmed by bigger tackles. Is smart and sound and should be a functional NFL player. If he adds strength should be a solid starter, but if not will probably be nothing more than a capable reserve. He was a solid workhorse on the Georgia line that performed his role well. I'm unsure how well he will adapt when the talent around him is not as good. Breedlove ultimately will probably be what he was in college, a solid overachiever.
Value: Not consistent enough and has too many limitations to go higher than the fifth round, but has ability to be solid NFL starter.

Robbie Doane

6'6" 311 Texas (5.20) Senior

Pros: Nice strength and pop in the run game. Decent feet to play right tackle in NFL.
Cons: Lacks great feet, and projects best at guard. Allows defenders to get their hands on him.
NFL Forecast: Doane looks like a solid right tackle or guard in the NFL. He played the left side at Texas, but doesn't have the feet or ability as a pass protector to play that in the NFL. A solid player that should be a decent starter, but probably nothing special. Best thing he offers is ability to open holes for runners. He has the size to play tackle, and will probably get his first shot there in the NFL, but I think over time he will make the eventual move inside. He has better upside as a mauler-type at guard than at tackle, because he is too limited there.
Value: Would be worth a fifth round pick as a guard, but probably a sixth as a tackle.

Derrick Roche

6'5" 296 Washington State (5.25) Senior

Pros: Good feet and quickness in pass protection.
Cons: Lacks strength and can be overwhelmed.
NFL Forecast: Roche needs to add strength and he will be a complete player. He might have the ability to play some at tackle because of his quickness and agility, but lacks experience there. Needs to add some weight as he has the frame to support it to get that increased strength. I think until he adds weight he will only be an average starter at best. But he is already there as a pass protector, which is rare to see in most college guards. He probably won't be a top guard in the NFL, but capable of getting the job done.
Value: Has nice upside, so should attention in the late fifth round.


Sherko Haji-Rasouli

6'5" 318 Miami FL (5.35) Senior

Pros: Good pop as a run blocker. Good hand use and can lock onto defenders. Decent feet for pass protection. Technically sound and strong.
Cons: Struggles against quicker pass rushers. Has had injury issues with knees in the past.
NFL Forecast: I question how much help he gained from playing alongside a guy like Bryant McKinnie as a junior. He is definitely competent of pulling his own weight, but how good is he going to be when he doesn't have so much quality around him and facing tougher competitionin the NFL? I think he should develop into a quality reserve, but I'm not sure if he'll ever be more than an average starter. Has the brains and ability to start on many teams, but doesn't excel in any area meaning he will probably be only average.
NFL Comparison: Martin Bibla, Falcons.
Value: Worthy of a fifth round selection. Solid player that does not have a whole lot of upside.

Bryan Anderson

6'4" 321 Pittsburgh (5.30) Senior

Pros: He is best as a run blocker. Shows good pop and ability as a drive blocker. Shows good strength and power.
Cons: Too inconsistent in pass protection. Lacks good feet and can be overwhelmed.
NFL Forecast: Anderson has good skills to develop into a solid NFL starter. He's not a complete guy as of yet. Uses his strength well sometimes in pass protection, but then his lack of quickness hurts him other times. Will have to develop in that area some more, although he already is a fine run blocker. Because of his strength, he has good potential in pass protection. Should be a starter by his third season. If not by then, he probably never will be one.
Value: Has potential to sneak up into the fifth and possibly fourth round, his inconsistency holds him back as a sixth round prospect.


Mike Kuykendall

6'6" 337 Oregon State (5.40) Senior

Pros: Has good feet and can slide in pass protection. Shows adequate skills a run blocker showing that he can drive.
Cons: Lacks pop as a run blocker and the strength in pass protection. Won't blow anyone off the ball. Because of this he could struggle with tough massive NFL tackles.
NFL Forecast: Kuykendall will likely stick early in the pros as a backup. Then in a few years, he could develop into a quality starter. He doesn't have the talent that he will be a star, but shows overachiever potential: the type of player that is good enough to get the job done.
Value: Lacks superb upside, so he's a toss-up in the late rounds. For now, I'd say he is a seventh rounder with enough ability to sneak into the sixth to a team that emphasizes pass protection over run blocking

Marc Parenteau

6'4" 291 Boston College (5.83) Senior

Pros: Blue collar guy that is a good run blocker.
Cons: Doesn't overwhelm you with strength of quickness.
NFL Forecast: Parenteau filled the utility role as a junior and started at right tackle his senior year. He doesn't have the quickness nor size to play tackle full-time in the pros, but could be a spot guy there. Parenteau doesn't excel in any particular area, but is above average in most. He has good strength and is at his best when clearing holes for runners. Boston College has produced some solid linemen over the years, and although Parenteau won't be a star, he should continue the trend. I think he'll stick in the pros long-term as a backup.
NFL Comparison: Paul Zukauskas, Browns.
Value: Lacks upside, but a decent prospect to get noticed in the seventh. Probably will go undrafted however.


Kirt Doolin

6'4" 306 Cincinnati (5.42) Senior

Pros: Good strength and uses hands well.
Cons: Doesn't show pop at line of scrimmage, and needs to build a head of steam. Uncomfortable in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: Has great weight room strength, as he did 43 reps of 225 pounds which is utterly amazing. But he does not show that strength on the field since he doesn't get good pop at the line of scrimmage. His strength gives him good upside as a run blocker, but needs to develop there. Overall, he is just an average lineman.
Value: Not developed yet, but his strength might allow a few teams to give him late seventh round attention. But he should go undrafted.

Matt Turney

6'3" 290 North Texas (5.15) Senior

Pros: Uses hands well and has a mean streak. Has some strength and shows adequate pop in run blocking.
Cons: Lacks quickness and size to play tackle on the next level.
NFL Forecast: Turney projects pretty well for the guard position. He played tackle at North Texas, but doesn't have adequate enough quickness to play there in the pros. His best attribute is his ability as a run blocker, although he is nothing special there. His pass protection needs work. I see Turney getting an invite to camp, and possibly could play well enough to stick on a practice squad. With time, he could develop into a competent NFL reserve, but not much more than that. Although he lacks the ability to project there long-term, he could play tackle in spots which increases his value to NFL teams.
Value: Has enough ability as a reserve to get a camp invite.

Mike Skinner

6'5" 309 Oklahoma (5.25) Senior

Pros: Good strength.
Cons: Only average as a run blocker and lacks feet and quickness in pass protection.
NFL Forecast: Skinner is marginal at this point. He has good strength, so upside is there. But right now he is just average. Does not excel as a run blocker nor as a pass protector, so his overall value is small. Could be a decent reserve, but nothing more than that. At best, he could develop into a competent run blocker.
Value: Some upside, but not enough to warrant a selection.

Zach Wilson

6'5" 302 Southern California (5.28) Senior

Pros: Nice feet to mirror in pass protection. Good mobility.
Cons: Lacks strength and balance. Little pop in the run game.
NFL Forecast: Wilson projects as a decent reserve, but he needs to add strength. He looks very weak at the point of attack, and will be beaten by any decent NFL linemen one-on-one. I would be interested to see if he can play center where his lack of strength will be less of an issue. Might stick as a reserve, but thatís all heíll be. I think he would fit in a Run N' Shoot offense, but that no longer exists in the NFL.
Value: Worth a chance to bring to camp, but not much more than practice squad fodder.

Tim Bennett

6'3" 280 Wake Forest (5.25) Senior

Pros: Good feet to play tackle in the NFL.
Cons: Lacks strength and pop in the run game. Built like a guard and only average pass protector.
NFL Forecast: Although Bennett played left tackle for the Demon Deacons, he projects to guard in the NFL. Doesn't have tackle size and was nothing special as a pass protector either. Has good feet, which are good enough to play tackle, but will now translate to interior quickness. Looks like a capable reserve at best.
Value: Good enough to get a camp invite.

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