2003 Draft Analysis

Pudge's Notes: Over the past few drafts, teams have been taking kickers earlier and earlier in the draft. Janikowski was the oddball, but it is not suprising to see a couple of guys go in Rounds 4 and 5 nowadays. But this trend should stop, because since 2000, only Bill Gramatica has been able to make his drafting team as a rookie. Travis Dorsch made the Bengals this past year, but did not play. Teams must return to the days where drafting a guy in the sixth round might be a reach. Typically there are always two or three guys each year that slip through the cracks into undrafted free agency.



Seth Marler

6'1" 195 Tulane (5.25) Senior

Pros: Has strong leg and can boom his punts. Should be solid on kickoffs.
Cons: Could improve accuracy on field goals. Has proficiency to outkick coverage.
NFL Forecast: Marler has spent most of his time at Tulane as the kicker, but has punted also. But he doesn't get enough accuracy on his punts to play there in the NFL. Right now, he could use more development as field goal kicker, but his leg is strong enough that makes him competitive.
NFL Comparison: John Hall, Redskins.
Value: His booming leg gives him a shot in the seventh round.


Jon Ruffin

5'9" 183 Cincinnati (5.08) Senior

Pros: Nice accurate leg that was very accurate throughout college career.
Cons: Doesn't have a big strong leg for kickoffs.
NFL Forecast: Ruffin's biggest drawback is his lack of leg strength. He never hit a kick beyond 49 yards, but only got one opportunity to do so. His leg strength is not that good, but might be good enough to land in the NFL. He hit 78% of his collegiate field goals, so the accuracy and consistency is there. He just needs to do the same in the pros, and he'll stick.
Value: If his college production translates to the pros, he'll be able to land a job this summer. But not a good enough guy to get a draft pick.

Dan Nystrom

5'10" 207 Minnesota (4.90) Senior

Pros: Accurate kicker.
Cons: Lacks booming leg strength and short on kickoffs.
NFL Forecast: Nystrom is a good enough kicker to get a shot in the NFL, but he doesn't overwhelm you with his leg strength. And teams seemingly will take a lesser accurate guy that can kick 55 yards rather than a guy that is accurate but can only kick 45 yards consistently. The latter is Nystrom.
Value: Good enough for a camp invite, but will need a great summer to stick somewhere.

accurate lacks leg strength, short kickoffs

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