2003 Draft Prospects



Ovie Mughelli

6'1" 255 Wake Forest (4.80) Senior

Pros: Is a good lead blocker that makes most of his blocks. Is also a good runner and receiver for a fullback.
Cons: Not as physical a lead blocker as you want. Will target legs rather than going heads up.
NFL Forecast: Mughelli has good NFL prospects since he can do it all. He's well rounded player and will improve as he adjusts to the pro game. I'm not sure if he's ever going to be a dominating blocker, but it's not like he will be a bad one.
NFL Comparison: Stanley Pritchett, Bears.
Value: Typically the fourth round is where the better fullbacks go, and Mughelli fits this description.

Brandon Drumm

6'1" 233 Colorado (4.65) Senior

Pros: Shows good pop as a blocker and can clear holes. Has shown competence as a receiver.
Cons: Below average runner and lacks size.
NFL Forecast: Drumm should be solid in the NFL. He has the mean streak that you want in your fullback. But he is basically just a lead blocker since he's not a great receiver. For a team that wants a guy to simply clear holes, Drumm should be a great success.
NFL Comparison: William Henderson, Packers.
Value: Drumm has great potential, and right now is worth a fourth round pick.


J.T. Wall

5'11" 260 Georgia (4.80) Senior

Pros: Good lead blocker that shows pop and great strength. Has decent hands.
Cons: Lacks ability as a runner and is not a great receiver.
NFL Forecast: Wall should be a solid fullback on the next level. Heís a smart and powerful lead blocker. Has good upside since he could really become an impact player as a receiver, although his running abilities are limited. He's not special and probably won't ever be in a Pro Bowl, but he is very capable of getting the job done.
NFL Comparison: Jon Ritchie, Eagles.
Value: Wall is not yet developed in other areas besides blocking, but he is the pure smashmouth lead blocker that teams are beginning to want more and more these days.


Reggie Holts

5'11" 240 Texas Christian (4.65) Senior

Pros: Decent lead blocker with nice combo of power and speed. Is also a decent runner.
Cons: Needs more polish as he'll miss some blocks.
NFL Forecast: Holts has the skills to be a starting fullback in the NFL, but needs some work on his blocking. He provides some ability as a runner, but projects best as a blocking back rather than a runner. He'll need a few years to adjust, and probably by year three or four should be a decent starter.
NFL Comparison: Daimon Shelton, Bears.
Value: He has good upside, but there are several fullbacks that are more developed at this point. He is a borderline seventh/undrafted prospect.


Mike Denard

5'11" 240 Oklahoma State (4.80) Senior

Pros: Finesse blocker that is smart and makes good blocks
Cons: Lacks pop and power as a lead blocker. Only average runner and receiver.
NFL Forecast: Denard could have a successful career in the NFL, but he's really only an average prospect. His best bet is to become a special teams guru, then maybe after several seasons he'll get the opportunity to start. His blocking skills are nothing special, as he's just a competent college fullback.
NFL Comparison: Alan Ricard, Ravens.
Value: Because Denard does not excel in any particular area he is an undrafted prospect.

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