Class Review: This center class is pretty decent, having several good mid-round prospect, but unlike last year's it has deficient first day talent. LeCharles Bentley (Ohio State) seems to be the top of the class, and is the only center projected by most to go on the first day. Seth McKinney and Melvin Fowler may sneak in late in the third, but are viewed as fourth round prospects. Following them is P.J. Alexander and Scott Peters (Arizona State). After that there is not a whole lot of talent, and probably the best is Zack Quaccia, Jason Ball (New Hampshire), and Kurt Anderson (Michigan).


Seth McKinney
(6'3" 300) Texas A&M (4.95)

McKinney is quite smart and should have minimal adjustment to the pro game compared to most college centers. But McKinney is not fully developed physically. He has nice feet, but needs to get stronger. The defensive tackles in the NFL will easily overpower him. McKinney is nearly a complete prospect, just not a great one. He should be starting in his second or third year in the NFL. But he won't become a good center until he adds more power to his game.


P.J. Alexander
(6'4" 297) Syracuse (5.4)

Alexander played left tackle at Syracuse, but does not have the feet or strength to play that position in the NFL. Alexander has excellent athleticism that makes him seem like a better prospect than he really is. He has the ability to play either guard or center. He has poor feet and balance, and I like him better at guard than center. Alexander definitely needs a lot of work before he can make the move to a starter in the NFL. His athleticism helps, but he still needs a lot of work.

Melvin Fowler
(6'2" 300) Maryland (5.3)

Fowler is similar to McKinney in terms of abilities, but is even weaker than McKinney. Fowler is smart and has good feet. He held up well at Maryland, but I'm not sure he will do so in the NFL unless he gets stronger. I saw him getting bull-rushed by linebackers. He has a lot of upside, and the only thing he needs to do before he becomes a solid NFL player is hit the weight room.


Zack Quaccia
(6'4" 312) Stanford (5.35)

Quaccia is not very powerful, but strong enough to play guard in the NFL. He has nice feet, but they are not great. Needs to be more powerful at the point of attack. Right now, I'd rate him as a better pass protector than run blocker, although he is adequate in the latter area. Quaccia has some upside.

Andy Eby
(6'3" 299) Kansas State (5.1)

Eby was the left tackle at Kansas State, but is too small to play that position in the NFL. He's not quick enough to play tackle either. He could play guard, but would probably be best at center. He has good strength for a center, poor strength for a tackle. He can get downfield and block. Eby is not a special talent, but he's intriguing and at the very least should become a good reserve in the NFL.


Kyle Benn
(6'3" 302) Washington (5.4)

Benn is smart and capable center. He needs to get stronger, as he can be bull-rushed at the center position. He is a pretty good run blocker. Benn has some upside as a starter, but projects better as reserve material in the NFL.

Zac Zedalis
(6'2" 290) Florida (5.35)

Played both center and guard at Florida, but projects to center. Does not have a lot of strength that is expected of guards. But even as a center, he'll need to bulk up some. Has good feet, but struggles a bit at the point of attack. Can do some things as a run blocker, but still needs some work. Right now, Zedalis is nothing special as a prospect. He'd be a good undrafted free agent pickup.

Matt Anderson
(6'4" 300) Texas (5.35)

Anderson is an average prospect. He needs to get stronger. Is surrounded by some better talent at Texas which probably hides some of his faults. Did not stand out too well on that unit, which likely means that he is not all that good.

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