2002 Draft Preview

by Aaron Freeman

Welcome to my 2002 Draft Preview. Here is where I will have my evaluations of over 150 prospects for this year's upcoming draft. I don't claim to be an expert like some of the other draft-niks out there. But I think people like me are great complements to the so-called "experts" out there. Most of the "experts" say the same things about each player, but then guys like me come along and say something to stir the pot. You get a different perspective on players.

A lot did not change since my last draft preview. It is basically structured the same way. All 40 times that you see with each player are rounded. Players are ranked based off value, not when I think the player will be selected. I have evaluations for most of the top prospects and many lesser known prospects, but I do not evaluate everyone you will see at other sites. That's most likely because I did not get enough sufficient tape to evaluate the player. Most of the evaluations come off a single tape, which was the players' bowl game. Unfortunately, I do not have a whole lot of time to evaluate a large amount of tape per player. But I did get to watch more college football during the season than I have in the past, so not all the evaluations are based off a single game like last year.

Quarterbacks Added 4/12
Running Backs Added 4/12
Fullbacks Added 4/12
Wide Receivers Added 4/12
Tight Ends Added 4/15
Offensive Tackles Added 4/15
Offensive Guards Added 4/15
Centers Added 4/15

Defensive Ends Added 4/19
Defensive Tackles Added 4/19
Outside Linebackers Added 4/19
Inside Linebackers Added 4/19
Cornerbacks Added 4/19
Safeties Added 4/19

Top 30 Prospects

  1. Julius Peppers, DE, North Carolina
  2. David Carr, QB, Fresno State
  3. Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami (Fla.)
  4. Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
  5. John Henderson, DT, Tennessee
  6. Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon
  7. William Green, RB, Boston College
  8. Ryan Sims, DT, North Carolina
  9. Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas
  10. Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma
  11. Phil Buchanon, CB, Miami (Fla.)
  12. Josh Reed, WR, LSU
  13. Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawaii*
  14. Mike Pearson, OT, Florida
  15. Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin
  16. Ed Reed, S, Miami (Fla.)
  17. Mike Williams, OT, Texas
  18. Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida
  19. Kalimba Edwards, DE, South Carolina*
  20. Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee
  21. Lito Sheppard, CB, Florida
  22. T.J. Duckett, RB, Michigan State
  23. Donte' Stallworth, WR, Tennessee
  24. Larry Tripplett, DT, Washington
  25. Dan Graham, TE, Colorado
  26. Napolean Harris, OLB, Northwestern
  27. Dwight Freeney, DE, Syracuse
  28. Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami (Fla.)
  29. Mike Rumph, CB, Miami (Fla.)
  30. Toniu Fonoti, G, Nebraska
* is not included in this draft preview.

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